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  • "Development, exposure and a truly global network of opportunities and resources."
  • "The most prestigious firm in the world, with the best people."
  • "Client exposure, mentoring culture, training."
  • "In the past three years at McKinsey, I have met ex-prime ministers, worked with Fortune 50 CFOs and traveled the globe. I never imagined I would have had these experiences directly out of college."


  • "We solve really tough problems, and this can take a lot of time."
  • "Intensity of travel and lifestyle."
  • "Being away from home, projects with long hours, sometimes high stress."
  • "Consulting is not a sexy industry in the modern world."

The Buzz

  • "Prestigious, best exit opportunities."
  • "Industry leaders."
  • "Very elitist, but good reputation."
  • "Is it possible for the gold standard to be overrated?"

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: The most prestigious firm in the world of consulting, McKinsey operates in a space that most others can only aspire to: top clients, genuinely ground-breaking work, and a global network of...

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