McKinsey & Company Europe

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  • "Chance to change the world."
  • "Flexibility and passion."
  • "The huge opportunities you are getting access to. You can choose to go and work at any place in the world."


  • "You really have to work hard for the money and you are constantly pushed out of the comfort zone."
  • "Tough work-life balance."
  • "Level of stress given responsibilities."

The Buzz

  • "World class."
  • "Elitist, competitive, up-or-out."
  • "The gold standard."
  • "Arrogant people doing a great job."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: Regardless of where you are in the world, McKinsey is a firm that doesn't require a lot of introduction to anyone who knows anything about business. The firm's capabilities are known the world over, and its brand...

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