The Vault Review


  •  "The colleagues, the culture and the impact."
  • "Prestige, working with the best in class."
  • "The importance of the firm's values in its commitment not only to its clients but to its employees."
  • "Unrivalled opportunity to change the world for the better."


  • "Inflexibility in schedule, work-life balance."
  • "Sometimes demanding workload."
  • "A high pressure to succeed which is driven from the aspirations of who we employ."
  • "Endless opportunities that make it hard to limit yourself."

The Buzz

  • "Elite, unchallenged leader."
  • "Market-leading, transformational."
  • "This is consulting."
  • "Prestige, expensive."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: McKinsey's reputation around the world is unparalleled-both as a provider of advice for high-caliber clients, and as an employer. As a result, it is no surprise to...

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