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  • "Training, intelligent co-workers, best clients, challenging and interesting topics."
  • "Amazing environment to grow, with tremendous mentorship.  Really close relationship with the people I work with."
  • "Prestige of McKinsey on your resume; working with super-bright people; learning the 'McKinsey Way' of problem solving."


  • "Workload."
  • "Short-notice responses are expected; lifestyle balance only works to a short extent; heard that other consulting firms actually pay quite a bit better!"
  • "Sometimes very long hours."

The Buzz

  • "Good brand building in China."
  • "Elite, strong brand."
  • "Arrogant but successful."
  • "Overly competitive, obsessed with selecting only toppers."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: McKinsey operates in a place that most firms around it would love to be able to attain: it's simultaneously the most prestigious and the most mysterious firm in its industry. While the firm...

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