The Vault Review


  • "Lots of responsibility, many short strategy cases, low travel, great people, great pay."
  • "The culture of collaboration that L.E.K. fosters."
  • "If you like strategy consulting, responsibility and limited travel, there is no better gig."


  • "Can't seem to break into the upper levels."
  • "Hours can be longer than other firms; lots of due diligences."
  • "You will be forced to take charge whether you like it or not. There is a high pace of learning required."

The Buzz

  • "Smart, diverse, exciting."
  • "Brilliant, but endless hours."
  • "Can't seem to break into the upper levels."
  • "Top tier in a few industries."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: Boston-based L.E.K. is very much in demand right now, with the firm enjoying a strong period of growth. That's a situation that makes for some happy-if busy-employees, with plenty of upside...

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