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Getting to like L.E.K.

Founded in 1983, L.E.K. Consulting is a strategy consulting firm that offers five major capabilities to its clients: strategy, mergers and acquisitions, operations and organizational development, shareholder value management, and marketing and sales consulting.  Founded in London, the firm maintains some 20 offices around the world, while its clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 members, and hail from a wide variety of industries. In the U.S., the firm has strength in eight major industries: aviation and travel, biopharma and life sciences, retail and consumer products, energy, healthcare, media and entertainment, private equity, and the public sector.

Digging in

Underscoring all its services, says L.E.K., are its data-driven research capabilities.  "The most valuable service that L.E.K. provides," the firm says, "is to gather, distill, and analyze vast amounts of data."  The firm's data-crunchers dig into the numbers to provide clients with clear, actionable recommendations using advanced research, benchmarking, modeling, analysis and strategy development methods.

Offering a helping hand

L.E.K. takes its responsibilities-especially its social responsibilities-seriously.  As part of its environmental and social responsibility program, the firm works with charitable organizations on projects to improve the environment and to strengthen social services.  One such client is Medicines for Humanity (MFH), a nonprofit that helps local health care partners implement effective health care initiatives for children and become self-sustaining organizations.  L.E.K. worked with MFH to develop a business model that combines health care services and microenterprise lending. 

And, when it comes to going green, L.E.K. is more than just talk, working with clients on issues related to climate change, such as policy and regulation, green investments and developing low-carbon business strategies.  In January 2008, L.E.K. became carbon neutral, making it the first major consultancy to implement such a policy across its global operations.

The firm's outreach doesn't stop there, either. In 2011, it began publishing a blog, written by current L.E.K. consultants, on life at the firm. Called the L.E.K. Advisor (http://ask.lek.com), the blog serves as a window into both the company and the consulting profession for those who may be considering applying.


May 2012

L.E.K. leader named as one of 2012's top consultants

Stuart Jackson, President of L.E.K. Consulting's North American practice, was named one of Consulting Magazine's 2012's Top 25 Consultants for Excellence in Leadership. The magazine Jackson's leadership skills, including a demonstrated ability to help his clients achieve positive outcomes; out-of-the-box thinking on time management principles; and for playing a pivotal role in L.E.K.'s continued growth.

January 2012

Stuart Jackson Named President of L.E.K. North America

Stuart Jackson was elected to oversee the firm's operations in North America. During his nearly 30 years with L.E.K., Jackson has counseled hundreds of companies across multiple industries. He also authored the book "Where Value Hides: A New Way to Uncover Profitable Growth for Your Business," and has written dozens of articles for publication in the Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek and Journal of Business Strategy.

May 2011

Consulting's Best

L.E.K.'s Andrew Rees was named to Consulting Magazine's  Top 25 Consultants of 2011 list. Publication editors selected Mr. Rees, who leads L.E.K.'s Retail and Consumer Products practices, based on his track record as a trusted advisor and thought leader in these industries.

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L.E.K. Consulting

28 State Street
16th Floor
Boston, MA 02109
Phone: (617) 951-9500
Fax: (617) 951-9392


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Global Chairman: Iain Evans
  • 2012 Employees: 900

  • Major Departments & Practices
    Marketing & Sales
    Mergers & Acquisitions
    Operations & Organization
    Shareholder Value Management

Major Office Locations

  • Boston, MA

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