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About L.E.K. Consulting Europe


Getting to like L.E.K.

Founded in London in 1983, L.E.K. Consulting is a global strategy consulting firm with 21 offices across 13 countries.  It offers five major capabilities to its clients: strategy, mergers and acquisitions, operations and organizational development, shareholder value management, and marketing and sales consulting.  L.E.K.'s clients are drawn from a wide variety of industries and include FTSE 100, Eurotop 300 and Fortune 500 members, major central government departments and smaller more entrepreneurial businesses. In Europe, the firm has strength in a number of major industries, including biopharma and life sciences, retail and consumer products, healthcare, financial services, industrial products and services, media and entertainment, aerospace and defence, transport, energy and private equity.


Digging in

Underscoring all its services, says L.E.K., are its data-driven research capabilities. "We confront each challenge or opportunity without preconceived notions, and our recommendations are based on facts rather than assumptions. Every solution we propose is informed by a combination of in-depth research and rigorous analysis." The most valuable service that L.E.K. provides, the firm says, is "helping companies to achieve tangible, high-impact results by combining industry experience with sophisticated analysis of complex issues. Our solutions give executives the tools they need to make critical business decisions with greater certainty." 


Offering a helping hand

L.E.K. takes its responsibilities-especially its social responsibilities-seriously.  As part of its environmental and social responsibility program, the firm works with charitable organizations on projects to improve the environment and local communities.  For example, the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) in the UK aims to help 'A' Level students from less-privileged backgrounds to realise their potential by helping them enter university and progress on to a challenging career. L.E.K. participates in the SMF placement program, which matches students to internships within leading UK businesses.  L.E.K. London also works closely with a local secondary school to mentor pupils and give them the opportunity to work at L.E.K., either as a regular part-time employee, or on short temporary work placements. 

And, when it comes to going green, L.E.K. is more than just talk, working with clients on issues related to climate change, such as policy and regulation, green investments and developing low-carbon business strategies.  In January 2008, L.E.K. became carbon neutral, making it the first major consultancy to implement such a policy across its global operations. 

The firm's outreach doesn't stop there, either. In 2011, it began publishing a blog, written by current L.E.K. consultants. Called the L.E.K. Advisor (http://ask.lek.com), the blog serves as a window into both the company and the consulting profession for those who may be considering applying.



September 2014

Passenger Transport Companies (PTCs): How to Boost Profits When Revenue Falls - Invest in Marketing

Passenger Transport Companies (PTCs) routinely spend millions on marketing. And with good reason - effective marketing campaigns attract new customers, cement loyalty with existing customers and crucially, generate revenue. Yet during tough economic times, marketing spend is one of the first budget items to be cut, despite evidence that increasing, or at the very least, maintaining marketing expenditure is a valuable tool for boosting both revenue and profitability. 

Recent analysis from L.E.K. Consulting confirms the marketer's claims - PTC's who underinvested in marketing during hard years saw revenues decline, while those who invested achieved a marketing expenditure ROI of more than 500%. Read more.


Service Expansion Opportunities for MedTechs: A European Perspective

L.E.K.'s Executive Insights "Beyond The Product: Service Expansion Opportunities for MedTechs" outlined the possibilities for expanding into broader services, given hospitals' need for cost containment and integrated support. L.E.K. MedTech Partners Massimiliano Rubin and Nicole Mooljee Damani give their perspective on the dynamics of this sector in Europe. Read more.


July 2014

The Need for Speed: How Digital Specialists Revolutionized the Innovation Cycle

When it comes to innovation, large corporations are often outwitted by small digital specialists, despite the fact that they have many times more R&D resources at their disposal. But as Steve Jobs once said, "Innovation is not about money. It's about the people you have, how you're led and how much you get it." 

In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. Consulting examines exactly how digital specialists handle innovation and what separates them from competitors who struggle to achieve such fast innovation cycle times. Read more.


Green is Good: The Revolution in Sustainable Packaging

Gone are the days of careless disregard for trash and leftover packaging materials. Sustainable packaging is in-and taking hold of the market in many ways. Sustainable packaging is now a $27 billion market and growing at nearly 4% annually across three distinct segments: reusables, recyclables and degradables. Green is good, and with the fundamental shift in social mores and consumer expectations, sectors across the economy have been undergoing transformations including energy, agriculture, transportation, housing and packaging. Read more.


June 2014

Time to Get Streetwise: Unlocking Value-Based Pricing in Personal Lines Insurance

In the U.K.'s highly competitive personal lines insurance market, many insurers are missing out on significant profits due to uncompetitive pricing. Yet the solution is within their grasp. Direct personal lines insurers can no longer afford to rely solely on traditional 'cost plus' pricing methods. As the pricing war intensifies, market leaders are moving to a value-based pricing architecture, separating the technical pricing function from the customer value pricing function in order to acquire and control profitable customer relationships. 

This architecture places customers, their needs and behaviors at the heart of the insurer's decision-making process. This is not only in line with the direction of regulatory travel, but also, critically, lays the foundation for driving innovation in product and service offerings. Read more.


May 2014

Skills Management: Why People Planning Beyond the Boardroom is Key to Delivering Long-Term

When developing strategic business plans, companies all too often concentrate on the financial, operational and strategic aspects, placing too little emphasis on the key people and skill requirements necessary to achieve their long-term objectives. 

As a consequence, a damaging imbalance between growth targets and the core capabilities required to achieve them can easily occur. Although the effects are not always immediately obvious, the inability to predict key skill requirements undermines business performance over an extended period, resulting in missed growth targets, mediocre productivity and higher recruiting costs. Read more.


Special Report: The Future of Energy

In this Executive Insights Special Report, "The Future of Energy", L.E.K. Partners John Goddard, Florian Funke, Clare Chatfield and Karin von Kienlin intend to spark a discussion about these trends and their impact. The energy environment is shifting; demand is moving to the developing world. By 2035, the International Energy Agency (IEA) expects China to consume about 80% more energy than the U.S. In addition, the IEA predicts that at least 90% of the world's growth in energy demand will come from non-OECD countries during the next two decades. The ten trends identified in this report will transform the energy world, altering the way we produce, distribute and consume everything from fossil fuels to renewables. With the shift in energy demand and supply, one thing is certain: it has never been more important for countries to diversify their sources of energy by cultivating new suppliers and securing access to alternative pipeline routes. While that is happening, consumers will take energy into their own hands, increasingly localizing energy as the traditional value chain recedes into history. Read more.


April 2014

Food & Pharma: How to Succeed in Dietary Supplements & Nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals are increasingly becoming power plays for both Big Food and Big Pharma companies. Driving this phenomenon is the draw of capturing a growing number of consumers who are seeking proactive health solutions to avoid negative pharmaceutical interventions. Here's a basic breakdown of issues companies should consider before they get in the game.  Read more.


December 2013 

Delivering Integrated Healthcare in the Community: Understanding the Opportunities of a Radical New Model

Structural change is occurring in the English healthcare system as commissioners move towards an integrated healthcare system that combines community-based healthcare and social care under one commissioning and provision structure. 

The challenge facing healthcare providers in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors is how to reposition themselves to take advantage of the opportunities of integrated healthcare, how to mitigate the risks, and how to reconfigure their capabilities to deliver the scale and type of care needed. 

In this Executive Insights, Jonathan Sparey, Ben Faircloth and Eilert Hinrichs examine the challenges of this opportunity, and explain why L.E.K. believes that the strategic rewards of early involvement over the next one-two years will justify the risks. Read more.

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