KPMG LLP (Consulting Practice)

The Vault Review


  • "Exposure to issues at reputed clients."
  • "Brand recognition."
  • "We are on the cusp of so much—getting into spaces that we haven't before. It's a good time for growth!"


  • "Get used to traveling."
  • "Working as a corporate office drone."
  • "Big firm, easy to get lost."

The Buzz

  • "You want them on your resume. Smart people."
  • "Big, aggressive, lots of media attention."
  • "Auditors at heart"
  • "Do they even have consulting?"

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: The size and nature of KPMG's organization means that the firm is incredibly professional when it comes to identifying, hiring and onboarding new employees. Similarly, the company has training opportunities and a...

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