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A Scandinavian family
In 1999, a group of Norwegian entrepreneurs took Itera Consulting Group public, listing it on the Oslo Stock Exchange and founding what has grown to become “a Scandinavian family of professional services firms.† Itera is a fairly small consultancy, with about 330 employees at 10 “family†firms that focus on business and information technology services.  Though it is small, Itera is nonetheless becoming a well-fed fish in the Northern European pond due, in part, to its strategic partnerships with more than 50 outside firms, which includes such biggies as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle.  With these partnerships, Itera claims to have a technology solution for almost any business need.  Itera is constantly looking to the future, in this case to “the next generation of business solutions.† The consultancy predicts that in the next generation, thriving companies will attain growth by granting employees the knowledge and tools to make better and quicker decisions.  Its subsidiaries specialize in specific areas, but they all focus on providing advice that helps “drive business agility†and “empower the knowledge worker.â€


Organic cohesion
Since 2001, Itera has grown through a series of acquisitions, but the firm decided early on to avoid becoming a “one-stop shopping†centre for e-business consulting needs, and instead branded itself as “the little big company.† This way, individual units operate as entrepreneurial subfirms “linked by shared ownership, entrepreneurial philosophy and assets.† But a funny thing happened on the way to a loose confederation: The 10 Itera companies organically formed a more cohesive whole by “spontaneously†fostering areas in which the individual firms could learn from one another, especially in specific client situations.


Itera’s philosophy of decentralization and emphasis on agility and entrepreneurship extends to its employees as well.  The company says it views its relationship with employees as “a personal partnership†that offers “rich learning experiences and multiple career paths.† This involves a diet of “self-directed, lifelong learning,†but also flexible work arrangementsâ€"flex-time, telecommuting, job sharing and part-time employment are some of the possibilities.  Most Itera employees are Scandinavian, but it seeks to hire “the best and the brightest†in all of its areas of specialization, so it doesn’t matter where staffers call home.


Helping companies e-help themselves
Itera’s core business involves helping companies use new technologies to increase productivity, efficiency and profit.  Business magazine Kapital named one Itera Group project as its 2006 e-business Product of the Year.  In that project, Itera subsidiary Gazette designed a “safe food†electronic and interactive food-safety tutorial for Norwegian grocery and retail giant NorgesGruppen.  The e-learning project was so successful that Gazette reached a sales and distribution deal for the tutorial with international cleaning product company Johnson Diversey.

Itera companies Objectware and Networks also helped in the design and implemented a revolutionary Internet portal at Oslo’s Rikshospitalet hospital.  The portal, which went live in March 2005, is a web-based framework that links 1,300 applications used throughout the hospital, combining convenience with familiarity, and digitizing about 70 percent of the hospital’s paperwork.  The Rikshospitalet portal was featured in the February 2006 issue of BusinessWeek, and the product has been picked up by hospitals in China, Sweden and other countries.  The company continued to focus on enhancing its efficiency in 2010, as it partnered with spare-parts wholesale dealer Mekonomen in a deal that would replace the Itera’s existing Excel forecasting application.

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Itera Consulting Group

Sognsveien 75
P.O. Box 3834
Oslo 0805
Phone: +47 23 00 76 50
Fax: +43 23 00 76 60


  • Employer Type: Public
  • Stock Symbol: ITE
  • Stock Exchange: OSE
  • CEO: Arne Mjos
  • 2009 Employees: 370

Key Financials

  • 2009 Income: $21 million
  • 2009 Revenue: $411 million

Vault Company ID: 45170

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