The Vault Review


  • "Learning and personal development."
  • "Healthcare focus, great people, great exit opportunities."
  • "Growth opportunities."
  • "The opportunity to be a therapy area expert and bring value to my firm and my clients on a regular basis."


  • "Work-life balance."
  • "Fast growth has left us understaffed at the moment."
  • "Lesser known name outside of healthcare/pharma."
  • "Lower compensation than some."

The Buzz

  • "Solid in pharma."
  • "High growth."
  • "Conservative, data driven."
  • "Much better at data vending."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: Fresh off an IPO and backed by a larger life sciences firm, IMS Consulting appears to be in a position of strength at the moment. Indeed, such is the demand for the firm's services that the most frequent...

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