IMS Consulting Group

The Vault Review


  • "Working with talented people on challenging projects."
  • "Great opportunities for early project management and responsibility and a surprisingly good work-life balance."
  • "Working in life sciences and staying on top of the latest research."


  • "Compensation leaves a bit to be desired."
  • "Benefits are well below average."
  • "Work-life balance across the year is fine but it can be very up and down during the year."

The Buzz

  • "Leaders in health."
  • "Data-driven."
  • "Hires are non-traditional but smart."
  • "Bureaucratic."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: Since its private equity buyout a couple of years ago, IMS Consulting Group has moved from being a niche player in the pharma and healthcare consulting space to one of its more dominant...

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