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Entry-level Employee

4.0 of 5 stars

November 2016 | CURRENT EMPLOYEE


Working at the Fairfax headquarters has opened doors for advancement opportunities and a diverse project portfolio. I don't think this is necessarily the case in remote offices. Senior staff engage and challenge junior employees.


Low pay, often feels like there are too many projects to keep track of--rather than working 2-3, employees often work 7-10.

Advice to Candidates

It's a good company for those interested in energy or public sector. There are opportunities for advancement.


2.6 of 5 stars

Lexington, MA | 2011 | VERIFIED EMPLOYEE


I have been able to work on very interesting projects.


I am in a satelite office, and there is no path for professional development here.

Advice to Candidates

The company is targeting growth and is not paying attention to it's people or career development


2.5 of 5 stars



Flexibility in schedule and ability to work from home as needed. The specific work we do is interesting to me.


The pressure to always meet that billable goal...a pressure that comes to me from people with lower billable goals than mine. Also, my prospects for promotion aren't that great. It seems like it will take me a while to move up and once I do move up, my job would change to more of a project management role rather than a technical role that I have now.

Advice to Candidates

I get tired of the pressure to always be billable. I feel like I'm viewed as a "% utilization number" rather than a person.

Entry-level in Energy & Utilities

3.9 of 5 stars

Fairfax, VA | 2010 | VERIFIED EMPLOYEE


The team i work with is excellent and professional, i like the flexibility in working style and hours.


Stagnation at certain stage of the career which is overcome with great difficulty.

Advice to Candidates

It is nice and rewarding but at times feels like stagnated.