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From inner -city to international
ICF International was founded in 1969 as a venture capital firm known as the Inner City Fund, but by 1972 it had become apparent that its consulting practice was its most lucrative.  After a decade-long stint as ICF Kaiser, the newly christened consulting firm cut all ties with Kaiser Engineers and became ICF Consulting in 1999.  The firm retained the moniker until 2006, when it changed its name to ICF Internationalâ€"an effort to reflect its global presence.  Since 2002, the firm has acquired 11 different companies, including two divisions of Arthur D. Little in 2002.  ICF currently partners with government and commercial clients to deliver professional and technological services, a far cry from its original purpose of funding startup companies in inner-cities.


The people’s firm
ICF offers a wide range of services to its clientsâ€"11, to be exact, in eight distinct markets: climate change, defense, energy, environment, health, homeland security, social programs and transportation.  In each case, the firm dictates potential policy changes, provides information and data, or facilitates technological changes.  Among ICF’s clients are both governmental agencies and private entities, with the majority of contracts coming from the public sector.

Not only do a bulk of the firm’s clients hail from the public sector, but ICF has a habit of winning contracts in the name of the common good.  For example, ICF has secured contracts with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to support efforts to combat obesity and tobacco use, and to provide quantitative health data for the national program of cancer registries.  Similar contracts have seen ICF serving the Office of National Drug Policy, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Environmental Protection Agency. 


Getting involved in the community
Given its for-profit work in the public sector, it’s of little surprise that community involvement is a major facet of ICF’s corporate culture; the firm devotes an entire department, the ICF international environment and community team, to serving charitable and environmental causes.  Since 1995, the firm has raised $68,000 through its annual charity auction and donated the money to charities in the Washington, D.C., area selected by employees.  Auctions consist of employee donated items and services, such as homemade foods and weekends at partners’ beach houses.  ICF also contributes to and participates in events organized by the Red Cross, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Toys for Tots and Habitat for Humanity, among many other local and national charities. 


Green is gold
ICF also counts environmental stewardship among its corporate responsibilities.  Accordingly, the firm actively participates in Environmentors, an after-school program that pairs high school students with adult mentors who assist with environmental projects and educate about possible careers in environmental work.  For its dedication to limiting the environmental impact of employee commutes, the Commuter Choice Leadership Initiative named ICF the best workplace for commuters.  On a grander scale, both Environmental Finance Magazine and Climate Change Business Journal have awarded the firm prestigious honors for its comprehensive commitment to sustainability.

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ICF International, Inc.

9300 Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: (703) 934-3603
Fax: (703) 934-3740


  • Employer Type: Public
  • Stock Symbol: ICFI
  • Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Ceo: Sudhakar Kesavan
  • 2010 Employees: 3,501

Vault Company ID: 39179

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