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About Hay Group Europe

The king of HR

If a company needs help with its staff, whether to develop, motivate or train them, then Hay Group is the consultancy they go to first.  The 66-year-old firm specialises in human resources, and is the creator of the most widely used job evaluation methodology in the world, used by over 8,000 organisations.  The Philadelphia-based firm uses the research it carries out on a company and translates it into what it calls “actionable insightsâ€, passing these on to the firm, which enable it to improve business strategies and boost staff morale.  But above all else, by using a range of leadership and talent assessments, Hay Group makes sure that its clients’ staff are doing the job that is right for the skills they possess.  In addition to carrying out customer and employee surveys to confirm that clients are on the right track, the consultancy also provides clients with information on reward services for employees and how to build an effective organization.

The firm operates in four practice areas.  The first, leadership and talent services, offers capability assessment, leadership transformation and talent management services.  The reward services practice area offers clients help with reward strategies, total reward framework advice, executive rewards, job evaluation, reward information services and benefits advice.  The building effective organisations practice area involves clarifying strategy and business models, developing ‘fit for purpose’ operating models, organizational design and culture transformation.  The employee and customer surveys groups cover employee engagement and customer research services.

A Philadelphia story

The consultancy’s history stretches back to a space rented from First Pennsylvania Bank in 1943 by its founder Edward N. Hay.  During his 15 years at the helm, he created strong foundations that were to leapfrog the firm onto the global stage following his death in 1958.  It was at this time that the firm started to realise its potential, opening offices in Canada in 1960 and London in 1963, in addition to a second office in the USâ€"in San Franciscoâ€"in 1965.  The consultancy continued to expand, opening offices globally until in 1984 it was purchased by British advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi, only to be bought back in 1990 in a management buyout.

Today, the firm has over 2,600 employees working in 86 offices in 47 countries, making Hay Group a truly global player with a presence in every continent.  It serves clients from the private, public and nonprofit sectors, as well as from a variety of industries, including chemicals, consumer goods, education, financial services, health care, life sciences, manufacturing, oil and gas, retail services, technology and telecommunications.  Some notable clients include BHP Billiton, Aetna, Howrey LLP and ING Direct.

Measuring up

Hay Group backs up its advice with its industry-renowned methodologies and data services.  Since the 1960s, Hay Group has collected more than 6.1 million individual leadership assessments of 551,761 individuals, including 52,438 executives from 4,944 organizations.  The consultancy has also built over 1,200 competency models for clients, and its organizational climate surveys are available in 28 languages.

The firm uses this data in a variety of ways, most notably for its job evaluation methodology, the first of its kind in the market.  The framework is used by over 8,000 organizations around the world to determine the value of a job.  A complementary methodology is Hay Group’s Role-Profile Matrix, which serves as the “evaluation of the job evaluation methodâ€.  It allows leaders to map the roles within their organization against the competencies required to succeed within them.  This enables them to see likely career paths, to understand the risks associated with specific moves and to prepare people for successful role transitions.  The tool is most often used by boards and senior management to identify any gaps in succession planning.

Another Hay Group tool: PayNet.  Developed in 1997, the database allows managers to compare online rewards across sectors on an international basis.  It is the world’s largest database on remuneration for management positions, with more than 12 million individual records from more than 13,000 organizations.

Making the Hay Group list

Hay Group often partners with publications to recognise standout companies.  Since 2002, for example, it has paired up with Fortune magazine to rank the most admired companies, with the consultancy providing analysis of companies to support their most-admired statusâ€"specifically looking at the areas of attraction and retention of talent, culture, leadership, performance measurement, strategy implementation, managing through economic uncertainty, execution, innovation, ability to conduct business globally, board effectiveness and reward programs.  

Since 2005, the firm has also worked with Chief Executive magazine to put together the best companies for leaders ranking.  And starting in 2007, Hay Group has partnered with The Wall Street Journal to publish an annual "WSJ/Hay Group Executive Compensation Report", which analyses various aspects of compensation, based on employee survey results.

It’s not all collaboration, however; while the Hay Group might share bylines on some of its reports, its consultants take full credit for a number of its other survey and papers, which the firm releases regularly.

Hay Group Europe

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