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About Global Intelligence Alliance Group Asia

Finland-based Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) handles strategic market intelligence and advisory services through its offices and member firms operating under the GIA name.  Spanning the globe with 11 offices and a network of 10 representative companies, GIA is focused primarily on leveraging its on-the-ground knowledge and research capability to help companies compete and grow in their target markets. In Asia, this includes Australia, Hong Kong and Greater China, Japan (through McRBC), South Korea (through 3mecca) and Singapore. 

Advising since 1995, GIA has worked around the globe in all sorts of industries, and now divides itself into 11 areas of expertise: automotive; chemicals; construction and property development; consumer and retail; energy, resources and environment; financial services; logistics and transportation; manufacturing and industrial; pharmaceuticals and healthcare; private equity; and telecommunications, technology and media.  Big-name clients have included 3M, Bayer, Bosch, British Telecom, Cadbury, CapitaLand, Chevron, Citigroup, DHL, Electronic Arts, Fujitsu, Hutchison Port, IBM, Ingersoll-Rand, Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley, Samsung, Siemens, Standard Chartered, Tyco, Unilever, and many more.


Tracking the lay of the land 

Research-based consulting and advisory is the name of the game for GIA, including continuous market monitoring, localized analysis of the competitive landscape, market attractiveness, market sizing/segmentation/forecasting, trends, benchmarking, M&A screening/evaluation, macroeconomic conditions, market entry, business expansion and commercial due diligence. These services are supported by heavy-duty research capabilities around the world, and a slew of training workshops in areas from industry and competitor analysis to war games. 

Intelligence Desk and Intelligence Plaza are solutions offered by GIA to companies keeping a close eye on markets when making decisions.  Immediate industry and market tracking is handled through Intelligence Desk, the group's customized market and competitor monitoring service.  Nearly 40,000 Intelligence Desk users around the world are able to compile and track market trends through the service, with access to information such as sales leads, local language news, competitor moves, macroeconomic indicators, blogs, major mergers and acquisitions within a specific industry, and any media mentions of the user's company. Meanwhile, Intelligence Plaza is GIA's web-based market tracking interface that delivers up-to-the-minute intelligence through e-mail and other customized alerts.


GIA on the ground 

GIA Asia is GIA's business research and strategy consulting arm specializing in the Asia Pacific region. Since its beginnings in 2001, GIA Asia Pacific operates under a unique operating model from its three offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai, coordinating a network largely composed of industry consultants and domain experts (consultants with expertise in a particular technology or industry) living and working throughout the region. In-house staff and project managers at the hub offices build and coordinate local research teams for each project. GIA says this system winds up being more efficient and cost-effective than the traditional model of sending full-time employees into countries where they might face steep learning curves, including language barriers and cultural differences. 

"Partner with us to understand, compete and grow in international markets" is the firm's motto, pointing to its research-heavy services-market analysis and consulting, customer and industry analysis, value chain and procurement consulting, expansion strategy, partner selection, and M&A target identification and evaluation. Since the launch of its operations in Asia in 2002, GIA has conducted assignments in Asia for major multinationals like Intel, Motorola, Nokia, American Express, Hitachi, Unilever, BASF and Disney. Most of the firm's consultants work in industry areas including chemicals, consumer and retail, financial services, manufacturing & industrial, infocom technology & media, pharmaceuticals, private equity, and logistics & transportation.


Keeping up on the news in Asia 

In addition to the numerous white papers and articles published by GIA, the consultancy provides a subscription-based service called the Asia News Update. With the internet and 24-hour-news making it difficult for many to keep up on every industry story, especially busy executives, the Asia News Update collects the top stories from a variety of global news agencies and compiles them into an easy-to-read format that's published biweekly. GIA also releases a quarterly newsletter to keep people up-to-date on recent reports and research, upcoming events including seminars and webinars, and any major news involving the group.

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Global Intelligence Alliance Group Asia

Itämerenkatu 1
Helsinki 00180
Phone: +358 424-956-200
Fax: +358 20-743-9560


  • Employer Type: Private
  • CEO: Markko Vaarnas
  • 2009 Employees: 125

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    Market Monitoring
    Strategic Analysis & Advisory
    Competitive Intelligence Software
    Intelligence Best Practices

Major Office Locations

  • Helsinki, Finland (HQ)

  • Amsterdam
    Hong Kong
    New York
    Sao Paolo

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