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  • "Early responsibility"
  • "Being able to exploit your full ability to help clients, in a very encouraging firm culture."
  • "Entrepreneurial."
  • "CVA encourages entrepreneurship, innovation and diversity."


  • "Too small."
  • "Long hours."
  • "Limited scale and experiences."
  • "Boutique type and thus limited back office support."

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  • "Rigorous analytics."
  • Limited reputation.

About Corporate Value Associates Asia

Corporate Value Associates (CVA) is a boutique strategy consulting firm with a global presence.  The firm was founded in 1987 by three French partners, opening offices in Paris, London, Boston and Amsterdam.  Since then, it has expanded its global footprint and now has offices in 17 countries spanning Europe, Asia Pacific and the US, while operating in many more.

CVA's founding tenet is that all value stems from the end customer; hence the challenge of delivering sustainable improvement in business performance should always be addressed from the perspective of the end customer, first and foremost.

Although the world has changed considerably since then, this principle still holds, and CVA continues to provide advice to CEOs, boards and senior executives across the globe to help resolve some of the most critical and complex issues facing businesses today in the areas of strategy, revenue growth and productivity.  To do so, the firm has what it believes is a distinctive approach based on first recasting these challenges through a customer lens, using a set of continually updated methodologies and frameworks to structure delivery of practical solutions for clients.  For example, through the customer lens, developing strategy means understanding in what markets a business can create more value than its competitors; growing revenue means understanding how to create new value for customers; and improving productivity means working out how to do more with less without destroying customer value.

As a boutique firm, CVA provides highly bespoke advice and solutions rather than off-the-shelf process consulting, and aims to develop long term relationships with its clients.  These clients include large corporates - often household names - at a national, regional and global level, as well as government agencies and private equity firms.  Although a boutique, CVA works in a number of industry verticals including: financial services, energy & utilities, automotive & transportation, 3M (mining, metals and materials), telecoms and the public sector, as well as crossover areas such as new mobility, auto finance and digital innovation.  The firm is loosely organized around these industry areas, however this remains fluid for juniors and true specialism does not occur until a more senior level is reached.

While CVA's consultants tend to have strong academic backgrounds and hail from world class universities, their backgrounds are otherwise quite diverse, with degrees ranging from engineering, finance and physics through to history, languages, and law.

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Corporate Value Associates Asia

Level 18, 535 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000
Phone: +61-3-8624-2600
Fax: +61-3-8624-2699



  • Employer Type: Private
  • CEO: Paul-Andre Rabate
  • 2009 Employees: 300

  • Employment Contact
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  • Major Departments & Practices
    Financial services
    Energy & utilities
    Automotive & transportation
    Mining, metals and materials
    Public sector

Major Office Locations

  • London (HQ)
    Hong Kong
    Washington, DC

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