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  • "Opportunities to work with senior people directly and not much politics."
  • "Being able to directly contribute to the clients."


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About Corporate Value Associates Asia-Pacific

Founded in 1987, Corporate Value Associates employs more than 300 consultants in 17 offices, offering its boutique solutions across a range of industries in more than 30 countries. The firm was started by three French consultants, with the express intent of becoming an international player by offering a value-focused methodology for innovative breakthrough and improving the businesses of its clients. Having established offices in Amsterdam, Boston, London and Paris in its first year, and broadening its international footprint ever since, there is little doubt that the consultancy has evolved into the multinational, multicultural affair it set out to be. Today, its facilities include six offices in Europe, eight in the Asia Pacific region, two American offices (one of which is the home of its US affiliate Dean & Company) and a single African office in Morocco. 

Of the dozen practice areas CVA serves, it claims to be a "major player" in two - Financial Services and Energy & Utilities. In addition, it identifies itself as a top-10 player in the sections of the Automotive & Transportation and Mining & Metals & Materials. For the remaining sectors in which CVA does business, it identifies itself as a top tier player. 

Value, value and more value

CVA's core tenet is that client value is created at the customer level. As a result, the firm offers a "customer-centric" approach, and does not shirk its responsibilities when it comes to solving clients' problems. To do so, the company has generated a methodology that is based around four key elements: quality of people (including high levels of partner involvement), providing methodologies (the firm has developed proprietary frameworks to help meet client needs), a joint team approach (working together with clients rather than, say, taking over a project to achieve success) and having a global mindset (ensuring that people and ideas are moved freely between offices to benefit all corners of its operations). 

CVA sets out to differentiate itself from its competitors by stressing that its methodologies do not offer off-the-shelf solutions to problems, but rather provide a systematic approach to identifying and solving problems that will help each client arrive at a tailored solution. 

Inside the mind of the customer

One way that CVA helps clients derive more value from the customers they serve is by helping clients get inside their customers' minds. The consultancy's proprietary market oriented value enhancement  (MOVE®) methodology analyses customer behaviour by examining the relationship between a customer's needs and the economic implications of meeting those needs. This is a fancy way of saying that the firm figures out how much a customer is willing to spend for goods or services, and what can be done to affect that amount. And it's something the firm takes seriously, as evidenced by its development of a marketing lab in Berlin, where market research is combined with neuroscience to try and better predict the purchasing decisions of consumers. Now that's the way to get into their heads!

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Corporate Value Associates Asia-Pacific

Level 18, 535 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000
Phone: +61-3-8624-2600
Fax: +61-3-8624-2699



  • Employer Type: Private
  • Senior Partner and Managing Director, Asia-Pacific: Bruno Salle
  • 2016 Employees: 300

  • Employment Contact

  • Major Departments & Practices
    Financial Services
    Mining, Metals and Materials
    Telecom, Media and Technology
    Automotive, Transportation, Defense and Security
    Energy, Utilities and Infrastructure
    FMCG and Retail
    Private Equity
    Public Sector

Major Office Locations

  • London (HQ)
    Hong Kong
    Washington, DC