Cornerstone Research

The Vault Review


  • "You work with a group of smart and dynamic people."
  • "Exposure to many different areas of leadership. Good people."
  • "Culture; involvement with front-page business litigation; the doors it opens for grad school."


  • "Unpredictability of work (can be very demanding or very slow)."
  • "Sometimes intense deadline pressure."
  • "People far removed from finance/academia are not as familiar with the Cornerstone Research name."

The Buzz

  • "Best legal consulting."
  • "Bookish."
  • "Nice entry-level people."
  • "Heavily focused on academic-y projects."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: In the world of economic and litigation consulting, there are few firms with a reputation to match Cornerstone's-either internally or with clients. Insiders love the firm's collegial...

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