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  • "Great culture and colleagues; very interesting clients and problems to work on."
  • "Supportive and collegial environment, great opportunities."
  • "Challenging analysis, interesting litigation cases."


  • "Hours and need to be available to clients can be challenging."
  • "Repetitive work, review process."
  • "Variable hours, lack of international opportunities."

The Buzz

  • "Small but growing."
  • "Top of the line econ."
  • "Top tier in economic consulting."

About Cornerstone Research

In the increasingly complicated world of commercial litigation, attorneys often need help sifting through complex economic or financial issues. Cornerstone Research is the place they turn to for help. The firm has worked with top-tier law firms throughout its existence, and has represented firms in a diverse group of industries including finance, telecommunications, high tech, manufacturing, and energy. 

Cornerstone Research provides attorneys with consulting for many facets of the litigation process. That includes finding high-quality expert witnesses, as well as providing economic and financial analysis to attorneys as they navigate the complexities of litigation and regulatory proceedings. 

To the courtroom and beyond

If you were to believe everything you see on TV, the process of preparing for a trial involves a group of lawyers debating before one of them wins over the judge or jury with an emotive argument. The reality, of course, is a lot more complicated-as Cornerstone Research's list of services will attest. The firm has six main areas of specialization that law firms can draw upon as they prepare for cases: consulting with attorneys, engaging and working with expert witnesses, conducting research and analysis, consulting on internal and regulatory inquiries, consulting in motion practice, and preparing for deposition and trial. 

The first of these categories is the broadest. Given the many complexities that can arise in a legal case, attorneys call upon Cornerstone Research to analyze key issues related to business, economics, or finance. Cornerstone Research's consultants fill that role, bringing their expert knowledge, as well as the firm's network of faculty experts and industry specialists. In the event a case makes it to the courtroom, the firm's services can extend through the trial and even to post-trial briefs.

Stepping stone

The vast majority of undergraduates who join Cornerstone Research eventually leave to earn graduate degrees, with most pursuing MBAs. Other departing consultants choose to pursue PhDs in economics or finance, or law degrees. The firm takes formal steps to help consultants with the application process. It brings in admissions counselors from Wharton, Stanford, Duke, MIT, Kellogg, Chicago, and other top institutions to give presentations and talk to students about their respective schools and the requirements for admission. 

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Cornerstone Research

Two Embarcadero Center
20th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: (415) 229-8100
Fax: (415) 229-8199


  • Employer Type: Private
  • President & CEO: Michael E. Burton
  • Chairman: Cynthia L. Zollinger
  • 2016 Employees: 600

  • Major Departments & Practices
    Antitrust and Competition
    Bankruptcy and Financial Distress Litigation
    Consumer Finance
    Consumer Fraud and Product Liability
    Corporate and Government Investigations
    Corporate Governance
    Corporate Transaction Litigation
    Data Analytics
    Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)
    Energy and Commodities
    Financial Institutions
    Intellectual Property
    International Arbitration and Litigation
    International Trade
    Labor and Employment
    Life Sciences
    Real Estate

Major Office Locations

  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • New York, NY
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Silicon Valley, CA
  • Washington, DC
  • London, UK
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