ClearView Healthcare Partners

The Vault Review


  • "Fun-loving and tight-knit culture."
  • "We are speed, insight and service."
  • "The work is incredibly interesting."


  • "Small and still establishing its brand."
  • "Workload, minimal travel."
  • "Not a lot of down time—the rapid promotions and early responsibility mean you always have something to do (whereas my other consultant friends are emailing me URLs all day)."

The Buzz

  • "Up and coming healthcare consultants."
  • "Young, bright firm. Just a handful of partners, though."
  • "Small-firm culture."
  • "Nerdy."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: For those with deep scientific backgrounds looking to get into the consulting space, ClearView is an option that may be well worth exploring. Insiders consistently praise the firm on everything from training and...

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