The Vault Review


  • "Laid-back culture, flat hierarchy, and great junior level connections."
  • "Strong culture, early responsibility, high-impact projects."
  • "Smart and friendly people, good compensation, and lifestyle flexibility."
  • "Academic, but not academia."


  • "The unpredictability of hours."
  • "Lack of market recognition."
  • "The compensation is not always transparent and career development long term can be challenging."
  • "The length of some engagements, and how staffing occurs."

The Buzz

  • "Diverse. Strong economic consulting."
  • "Very academic."
  • "Very econ heavy."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict:  Charles River Associates insiders report high demand for their services in the current business cycle, and express a degree of bullishness about the firm's future that is refreshing...

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