The Vault Review


  • "The working atmosphere and the opportunities given."
  • "You get a lot of challenging situations with lots of responsibility."
  • "CRA is unrivaled in terms of intellectual depth—this is the place where cutting-edge academic thinking meets real-life issues."
  • "Colleagues are both nice and highly competent."


  • "Unpredictable working hours."
  • "Too hung up on certain KPIs such as utilization."
  • "Client interaction is quite low on the junior level."
  • "You have to work hard and be 'on call' at all times."

The Buzz

  • "Economic"
  • "Good in PMA consulting."
  • "Very technical."
  • "Rigorous."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: Year after year, the word that comes back from consultants at CRA to describe their firm is "academic." And there's a simple reason for that: the firm employs some of the world's leading economists, while also...

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