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  • "It is an exciting time and fun to be part of a firm that is rebuilding and growing."
  • "Interesting cases, and interesting people to work with."
  • "I am confident that my colleagues are the best in the business, and we produce excellent, robust work for the client."


  • "The hours can be very demanding on big high profile merger cases."
  • "Being a listed company."
  • "There is something of a 'sink or swim' attitude and you need to be pro-active to succeed."

The Buzz

  • "Elite."
  • "Experts."
  • "High end econ."
  • "Litigation focused."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: CRA has a justifiably strong reputation for its work in the economics field-and a roster of top-tier economists to go with that reputation. Accordingly, one of the most commonly-used adjectives to describe the...

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