The Vault Review


  • "Culture, quality of life, great mix of interesting work (especially for those interested in the public/private sector interface) and low travel."
  • "Very smart, down-to-earth and hardworking colleagues—with great sense of humor and self-awareness."
  • "Early responsibility, focus on individual development, team culture."
  • "The firm fundamentally cares about its people, and about making the world a better place."


  • "Limited resources of a small firm can be difficult to new employees with limited consulting experience."
  • "Bureaucracy can sometimes get in the way of delivering the impact we'd like to achieve in client engagements, so you have to be patient."
  • "More narrow focus than many of the big-name consulting firms."
  • "Operational growing pains, low brand recognition."

The Buzz

  • "Work-life balance focused."
  • "Government."
  • "Supply chain experts."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: Some companies pay lip service to the concept of work-life balance. Others try their best to do something about it, with varying results. Censeo is one of a select handful that actually...

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