The Vault Review


  • "Open door policy, very nice place to work."
  • "Promotion and pay based on merit."
  • "Expertise in pharmaceuticals, reasonable life-style for consulting with flexible hours and minimal travel."
  • "Challenging, given a lot of latitude once you prove yourself, strong career trajectory based on performance."


  • "Being part of a conglomerate—it is a mixed bag."
  • "Still smoothing out operations and leadership after sale to inVentiv."
  • "Pay package could be improved."
  • "Computer technology replacing workers." 

The Buzz

  • "Underappreciated."
  • "Solid in pharma."
  • "Medical affairs."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: For the first time in a couple of years, insider attention at Campbell Alliance seems to be focused squarely on the firm's future potential, rather than on internal machinations and the...

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