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You might not expect a firm headquartered in Longmont, Colo., nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, to have a worldwide presence, but such is the case with Breakthrough Management Group, Inc.  This relatively young firm, founded in 1999, has already expanded globally into such diverse spots as South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, New Zealand and Malaysia.  The firm serves around 200 clients from around 13 countries.  BMGI offers the whole gamut of Six Sigma services, the most obvious of which is simply applying Six Sigma theory to business problems and client engagements.  But BMGI also offers workshops and training on Six Sigma for senior management and provides on-site mentoring. 

BMGI also dabbles in software development, customizing existing solutions or creating in-house programs to analyze business data.  Its suite of Six Sigma teaching programs falls under the umbrella moniker of "Learning."  With 180 hours of study, participants can earn a certified Six Sigma eBlack Belt (if that's too much time, for a modest 16 hours you can earn a distinguished eYellow Belt).  In addition to Six Sigma, the firm has also branched out to complimentary business theories, now embracing TRIZ (the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), Hoshin Planning and the Lean manufacturing model.

Partnership happy

In March 2005, BMGI had a shake-up of sorts, selling off its software assets to PowerSteering Inc.  The details of the deal were not disclosed, but along with the software, 10 developers also left BMGI to join Boston-based PowerSteering.  At the time, it seemed to outsiders that BMGI was possibly trying to get out of the proprietary software game.  However, that's not the way things worked out.  PowerSteering took over BMGI's ProjX program (a reporting and information management system that tracks and manages Six Sigma and other performance improvement initiatives), but BMGI still sells the software itself.  BMGI and PowerSteering have since formed a strategic partnership, giving BMGI access to PowerSteering customers and resources.  The company wasn't getting out of the software market; it was just looking for more partners.  In October 2005, the firm teamed with Raptor International to release RapAnalyst, a deal that is in both of the firms' best interest.  RapAnalyst sifts through complex sets of data and break it down into analyzable business information.  Raptor had already deployed the product, but only in South Africa, Australia and the Middle East.  After reaping success with companies such as Foster's Beer and Emirates Airlines, the company wanted to branch out to the large American market, a service Breakthrough could provide.

Buddying up for health

In May 2005, the firm made a move to strengthen its position in the health care field, partnering with SterilTek, a company focused on process improvement in hospital operating rooms and in sterile processing departments.  The idea is to couple SterilTek's deep industry knowledge with BMGI's efficiency inspiring frameworks.  BMGI actively promotes all the methodologies to which it subscribes.  BMGI then began offering a new program dubbed Lean for Healthcare in 2009, which was designed specifically for those in the healthcare industry.  The program aims to do away with activities that slowed down processes and wasted other resources such as time and money.  In 2010, BMGI revealed plans of releasing its best-in-class technology and intellectual property for free (at least most of it).  The release, called Open IP, aims to "provide the tools that individuals and organizations need to continue developing skills and maintain constant learning," said BMGI president and CEO David Silverstein.

Press time

BMGI Vice President Neil DeCarlo penned one of the ubiquitous For Dummies books, the particular edition he authored was on Six Sigma, of course.  In addition, in March 2005, DeCarlo decided to piggy back the release of this book by beginning an in-house publishing venture.  Breakthrough Performance Press was created shortly thereafter, and in October 2005, released its first title, Insourcing Innovation, which DeCarlo co-authored with David Silverstein and Michael Slocum.  True to form, the For Dummies title was followed by The Complete Idiot's Guide to Lean Six Sigma, published in 2007 and written by DeCarlo and the Breakout Management Group. 

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