The Vault Review


  • "True partnership, amazing culture and people, impact on the world, never ending apprenticeship."
  • "Broad selection of projects; focus on professional development; open, fun culture."
  • "Being a part of such a bright but humble group of people."
  • "You can really make an impact and leave your mark on the business world."


  • "Lack of predictability inherent in a consulting career."
  • "As with most consulting firms, the job is exhausting. The hours are long and the work is stressful."
  • "Too much travel, lifestyle sacrifices."
  • "The travel to client sites is the most challenging aspect of this job."

The Buzz

  • "Elite strategy house."
  • "Fun people, always traveling."
  • "Big 3. Great exit opps."
  • "Overly exclusive."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: There's a reason that Bain consistently appears at the top of our consulting rankings, and why it's our number one firm this year-its ability to locate, hire and keep satisfied some of the best and brightest...

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