Bain & Company Europe

The Vault Review


  • "The steep learning curve and the fun we have."
  • "Willingness to let people succeed based on their own personalities."
  • "The training opportunities here are better than any of my peers have in other consulting firms."


  • "Stress."
  • "The hours during peak times."
  • "Always progressing, which can sometimes be stressful."

The Buzz

  • "Top player in the market."
  • "Stands out on work-life balance."
  • "Good firm, but the hours are long."
  • "High profile in the US, but not here."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: Bain and Company's key strength as a consulting firm also happens to be one of its key strengths as an employer: the firm operates a 'One Bain' model that ensures that clients and employees can expect the same...

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