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Founded in 1973, Bain is one of the world's leading consulting firms. The firm's 5,400 consultants help leaders make the big decisions that will direct their organizations' futures (strategy), and then help them realize those futures (operations, marketing, organization, technology, mergers and acquisitions and sustainability). Bain has worked with more than two-thirds of the Global 500, thousands of notable regional and local organizations, hundreds of non-profits and private equity funds representing 75 percent of global equity capital. With 50 offices in 32 countries, Bain experts work across every economic and industry sector, from media to healthcare to alternative energy. While the firm's client list is a closely guarded secret, word has leaked about some of its prestigious clients, among them the likes of De Beers, Dell, Ford, Charles Schwab, Starbucks, Del Monte and Endeavor. 

Measurable results

Bain touts a more practical approach to client engagements than some of its rivals-and it backs those claims up by measuring the results. According to the firm (and attested to by calculations from PricewaterhouseCoopers), its clients' stock prices outperform the market by four to one. Other eye-opening stats from the firm include claims that: Bain's sales and marketing cases deliver on average more than 25 percent revenue growth; Bain-supported merger integrations on average generate 20 percent higher excess shareholder returns; and 85 percent of Bain's performance improvement work produces yields worth more than ten times the fees charged for the work. 

Asia Pacific - the growth story

Bain's business in Asia Pacific started in 1981 with the opening of the Tokyo office. Since then, 13 other offices have been established and today, nearly 1,000 staff work across the region. Fueled by the rise of the emerging markets in Greater China, India and Southeast Asia, Bain's Asia Pacific business has been growing at a high double-digit rate per annum for the past twenty years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. 

Today, Bain Asia Pacific has accumulated a wealth of experiences across industry sectors from technology to healthcare to financial services, and across different capability areas, ranging from mergers & acquisitions to performance improvement to customer strategy, among others. Bain also has established a leading position in Transaction Services (private equity, sovereign wealth funds, corporate transactions, etc.). Historically Bain has mainly worked with global clients expanding into Asia Pacific, however, the mix has now shifted to a healthy balance between multi-national corporations (MNCs) and leading local companies in different Asia Pacific geographies. 

A diverse yet cohesive team

Despite the diverse cultures and languages, and great distances, across the Asia Pacific region, Bain claims a very collegial, collaborative and cohesive team in Asia Pacific. 

Bain's Asia Pacific consultants participate in Bain's world class global training programs, held in various locations around the world from Miami to Barcelona. Consultants participate in teams comprised of peers from around the world, and develop a global network of peers. Bain Asia Pacific continues to host "case transfers" (consulting staff from other offices) to facilitate a highly international team and ensures staff get full exposure to global and regional opportunities. 

Bain also offers its staff a six-month "experience transfer" option. The idea is to spend six months in another Bain office of the consultant's choice to further gain international exposure and broaden one's professional network. Bain claims that at any given time, more than 20 percent of its employees are on transfer. And, given the tremendous growth opportunities in emerging markets, Bain's Asia Pacific offices tend to be highly popular transfer destinations. 

Delivering social impact
Since its founding, Bain has been committed to driving meaningful impact in the social sector, both globally and locally. The firm brings together a formal social impact practice and a global grassroots infrastructure to provide a multi-faceted social impact program that includes casework, community engagement, social sector externships and an ongoing collaboration with The Bridgespan Group, the world's leading non-profit consulting firm incubated by Bain in 2000. 

Bain is very active in Asia Pacific with extensive pro bono work in the non-profit sector. Teams across the region support organizations such as China's Jet Li One Foundation, Child Fund Japan, Center of Non-Profit Leadership in Singapore and Child Rights and You (CRY) in India. As an example of the kind of work the firm does in this sector, a Bain team in Australia has been supporting the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse at RPA, a non-profit cancer treatment and research facility, since 2006. The work started with helping the organization create the vision and securing the funding, and has evolved to preparing the business operations and helping to facilitate the ongoing delivery of world-class patient care. 

Bain is also committed to helping its corporate clients embed sustainability into their businesses, and leads by example by being certified CarbonNeutral┬« across its global operations. Bain has a network of Green Teams dedicated to environmental responsibility that spreads across the Asia Pacific region and the globe. 


August 2013 

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December 2012

"Women Leaders in Consulting" Lifetime Achievement Award

Very few consultants have more stature, credentials or boardroom credibility than Phyllis Yale, the recipient of Consulting magazine's Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition to working collaboratively with clients to achieve results, Phyllis founded Bain's healthcare practice and led the Boston office - the largest in Bain's worldwide system. Read more 

May 2013
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