The Vault Review


  • "I work surrounded by incredibly talented people, yet it's a light and friendly environment."
  • "Incredible opportunities to make a lasting impact on a client."
  • "If you can prove yourself you can operate at any level outside of your given title."
  • "Very down to earth culture. Smaller size allows for more entrepreneurial opportunities and diversity of experiences."


  • "The long hours and being known for strategic sourcing."
  • "We need to communicate better to the outside world our growth story."
  • "Perception that a firm of our size won't last."
  • "You have to become comfortable with ambiguity."

The Buzz

  • "Small and focused."
  • "Old school, invented the industry."
  • "Past its prime."
  • "Operations experts."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: According to its employees, A.T. Kearney is making a big play in the North American market at the moment, and is hiring to meet some aggressive 2020 growth targets. While that's great news...

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