The Vault Review


  • "The ability to develop as quickly as you can with support when needed."
  • "Good selection of project topics, good click with project teams."
  • "My colleagues and the value we add for and together with the client."
  • "Top management consulting firm but with the best team."


  • "Sometimes, engaging with senior members of client organizations can be hard for junior colleagues."
  • "Long hours, but that is what we signed up for."
  • "Too US influenced in some aspects."
  • "Limited focus on personal development goals of consultants."

The Buzz

  • "Technology focused."
  • "Industrial and professional."
  • "Commercially strong for the quality they deliver."
  • "Struggling."

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: A.T. Kearney seems to be focused on trying to differentiate its offerings in the marketplace, and on gaining share in markets across the globe. Which is a...

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