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  • "I feel that as a company we are making a difference and we are doing it right."
  • "Strong growth prospects."
  • "The training programs and the family spirit."


  • "Further need to enhance the brand."
  • "Very slow promotion process relative to competition and even to industry."
  • "Lack of scale."

The Buzz

  • "Good for some niche areas."
  • "Had some trouble at the beginning of the 2010s in France, seems to be fine now."

About A.T. Kearney Europe

As a consultancy, A.T. Kearney has a rich heritage that dates back to the 1920s, with the founding of McKinsey & Company and the arrival of consulting as a profession. James Oscar McKinsey set up his original firm in Chicago in 1926, and one of the first partners hired three years later was a gentleman by the name of Andrew Thomas Kearney. Following McKinsey's death in 1939, the firm's two offices-one in New York and one in Chicago-split, with Kearney taking the latter and focusing the company's attention on operations and manufacturing. 

Today, that one small Chicago office has grown into a monster of a firm, with a truly global reach; it has offices in 40 countries across the world. And, of course, as it has grown over its nearly 90-year history, the company has diversified its operations. Now boasting a workforce of some 3,600 employees, it proudly focuses on what it calls "CEO-agenda concerns," a list that ranges from M&A, growth, and IT strategies, to supply chain management, technology, innovation, complexity, and transformation. 

In June 2013, A.T. Kearney launched Vision 2020. Johan Aurik, managing partner and chairman of the board, introduced the initiative as the firm's global vision to become the industry's most admired firm, distinguished by "our culture and how we work." Our ambition, he said, is to be the first choice in providing immediate impact and growing advantage for our clients, our people, and the societies in which we live. "Working within a global collaborative partnership," Aurik added, "we aim to be among the top three where we choose to compete, and to double in size by 2020." 

The firm also outlined four main promises: to be recognized for co-creation of innovative ideas and high-impact results with our clients and external partners; to create lasting benefits for the societies in which we live, and do so in collaboration with deep networks of external partnerships; to provide unsurpassed personal growth and opportunities for our people in a collaborative and diverse culture; and to realize above-market growth and value for our clients and stakeholders.  

Independence regained

Looking at its more recent history, in 1995 A.T. Kearney walked into what can only be described as a loveless marriage with Texas-based tech monolith Electronic Data Services (EDS), now a unit of HP. Initial intentions seemed clear enough: EDS was looking to boost its flagging consulting arm, and A.T. Kearney would get access to some of EDS' high-profile clients. The reality, however, failed to live up to the intentions, and the partnership lasted a mere 10 years. Various factors, including a drop in EDS' earnings, cultural differences at an executive level, and a general dislike among A.T. Kearney partners of being a subsidiary of a publicly held company soon led to a parting of the ways. The relationship officially ended in January 2006, when more than 170 A.T. Kearney consultants (from no less than 26 countries) participated in a management buyout to take the firm private. 

Elite council

A key plank of A.T. Kearney's reputation is its Global Business Policy Council. Established by Paul Laudicina as a forum for corporate, government, and academic leaders to discuss relevant issues, Council members include world leaders and CEOs of major companies who meet regularly to anticipate and plan for the future, discussing global economic, political, social, and technological shifts. 

Retail details

In addition to offering advice and implementing solutions for clients, A.T. Kearney studies and tracks trends in a wide range of industries. Since 2001, for example, the firm has released its annual Global Retail Development Index, which details retail trends and investment opportunities in developed and developing markets worldwide.


June 2016 

Zero-Based Budgeting Is Not a Wonder Diet for Companies

A.T. Kearney Partner and Head of America Daniel Mahler explains why, during a revival driven by powerful investors, traditional zero-based budgeting implementations aren't ambitious enough. Read more in Harvard Business Review

Inventory Pullback a Drag on Logistics Spending

A year-long pullback in U.S. business inventories will likely continue through the rest of 2016 as retailers and manufacturers remain cautious amid uncertain demand and the prospects for higher interest rates, according to an A.T. Kearney report on U.S. logistics. Read more in the Wall Street Journal

May 2016 

The 10 Countries Global Corporations Love Most

A.T. Kearney's annual Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index showed that 2016 will see companies place an even greater emphasis on advanced economies than they did in 2015. Emerging markets, from a corporate investment perspective, are undervalued and in many cases, falling off radar. Read more in Forbes. 

April 2016 

Low Crude Prices to Boost Oil & Gas Deals, A.T. Kearney Says

Low oil prices will spur more mergers and acquisitions in the oil and gas industry this year with some companies forced to sell to avoid bankruptcy, according to consultants A.T. Kearney. Read more in Bloomberg. 

October 2015 

America At A Crossroads: Four Ways It Could Go

Will continued hyper-partisanship hijack the "American Dream," the guiding beacon that has fueled American ambition and can-do optimism since the founding of the Republic? In the summer of 2026, when America celebrates its 250th birthday, will the nation be stable, confident, united and prosperous? A.T. Kearney explores these questions in-depth. Read more in Forbes. 

March 2015 

A.T. Kearney's Stephen Parker: Admiration Through Adaptability

A.T. Kearney wants to be the most admired global consulting firm. Chief Learning Officer Stephen Parker's flexibility and global mindset might just get it there. Read more here, in CLO

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A.T. Kearney Europe

227 West Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: +1 (312) 648-0111


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Global Managing Partner: Johan Aurik
  • 2016 Employees: 3,600

  • Major Departments & Practices
    Aerospace & Defense
    Communications, Media & Technology
    Consumer Products & Retail
    Financial Institutions
    Metals & Mining
    Oil & Gas
    Private Equity
    Public Sector
    Transportation, Travel & Infrastructure
    Digital Business
    Marketing & Sales
    Mergers & Acquisitions
    Organization & Transformation
    Strategic IT

Major Office Locations

  • Chicago, IL
    Offices in 40 countries