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  • "We are truly collaborative—with each other and with our clients."
  • "Growth prospects."
  • "The type of work and impact we have."
  • "International exposure, challenges to learn all the time."


  • "Can sometimes get into poor work-life balance situations if not self-managing strongly."
  • "Not always recognized as top tier firm when it clearly is."
  • "Lot of work remains to build capabilities."
  • "There needs to be more emphasis on coaching and skills development."

The Buzz

  • "Operations excellence."
  • "People are very nice and friendly."
  • "Small but still fighting."
  • "Good in certain areas."

About A.T. Kearney Asia-Pacific


An ascendant descendent

As a consultancy, A.T. Kearney has a rich heritage that takes it back to the setup of McKinsey & Company and the arrival of consulting as a profession in 1920s Chicago. When James Oscar McKinsey set up his original firm in the city in 1926, one of the first partners he was to hire three years later was a certain fellow by the name of Andrew Thomas Kearney. Following McKinsey's death in 1939, the firm's two offices-based in New York and Chicago-split, with Kearney taking the latter and focusing the company's attention on operations and manufacturing. 

Today, that office has become a monster of a firm, with a truly global reach; it has offices in 40 countries across the world. And, of course, as it has grown over its nearly 90-year history, the company has diversified its operations. Now boasting a workforce of some 3,500 employees, it proudly focuses on what it calls "CEO-agenda concerns," a list that ranges from merger, growth and IT strategies, to supply chain management, innovation and complexity management, and enterprise services transformation. 

In June 2013, leaders of A.T. Kearney formally launched Vision 2020 to colleagues globally. Johan Aurik, managing partner and chairman of the board, introduced a new, bold, vision for the firm, with the ambition of being the industry's most admired firm, distinguished by "our culture and how we work." With this is the ambition to be the "first choice in providing immediate impact and growing advantage for our clients, our people, and the societies in which we live"; and to be a "global collaborative partnership, top three where we choose to compete, double in size by 2020." 

The firm also outlined four key promises, which are as follows: to be "be recognized for co-creation of innovative ideas and high-impact results with our clients and external partners"; to "create lasting benefits for the societies in which we live, in collaboration with deep networks of external partnerships"; to "to provide unsurpassed personal growth and opportunities for our people in a collaborative and diverse culture"; and to "realize above-market growth and value for our clients and stakeholders. "


A failed romance

Looking at its more recent history, A.T. Kearney walked into what can only be described as a loveless marriage in 1995 with Texas-based tech monolith Electronic Data Services (EDS), now a unit of HP. Initial intentions seem clear enough: EDS was looking to boost its flagging consulting arm, while giving A.T. Kearney's specialists access to some of its high-profile clients. The reality, however, failed to live up to the intentions, and the partnership lasted a mere 10 years. Various factors, including a drop in EDS' earnings, cultural differences at an executive level and a general dislike among A.T. Kearney's management of the notion of being a subsidiary of a publicly held company soon led to a parting of the ways. That officially occurred in January 2006, when more than 170 of the firm's leading consultants (from no less than 26 countries) participated in a management buyout to take the firm private.


Elite council

A key plank of A.T. Kearney's reputation is based on its Global Business Policy Council. Established by Paul Laudicina as a forum for corporate, government and academic leaders to discuss relevant issues, the council is limited to the world's top CEOs and business-minded leaders. The group meets regularly to anticipate and plan for the future, discussing global economic, political, social, and technological shifts.


Retail details

In addition to the advice and implementation work the firm does for its clients, A.T. Kearney leverages its expertise by producing a wide variety of studies each year that track trends in a range of industries. Since 2001, for example, the firm has released an annual Global Retail Development Index, which details retail investment attractiveness in global markets.



June 2014 

U.S. Grows More Attractive for Foreign Investment

"The U.S.  has grown more attractive as a destination for foreign investment, while Russia and some other emerging markets have faded, according to a survey by A.T. Kearney." Read the full story in the Wall Street Journal(subscription/login required). 


10 Best Emerging Markets for Retail

CNBC produced a slideshow featuring the 10 best emerging markets for retail, based on A.T. Kearney's annual Global Retail Development Index. The index "selects 30 out of 200 developing nations and scores them on criteria including political risk, population, saturation and retail sales. The rankings determine how important it is for retailers to plant their flag there." See the full slideshow here.


May 2014 

Leadership insight from Paul Laudicina

A.T. Kearney Chairman Emeritus Paul Laudicina began a regular column for Forbes, focusing on values-based and relationship-rich leadership. Find a full archive of his posts here.


January 2014 

To B or not to B

The Economist reported on an A.T. Kearney study of women as buyers of B2B services in the U.K. economy. According to the piece, "Nearly half the companies covered in the study reported an increase in female decision-makers among their B2B customers, but until now little attention has been paid to their likes and dislikes." Read the full article here.


May 2014 

Fracking Insiders See No End To Boom

A.T. Kearney Partner Vance Scott was quoted in Forbes article on the prospects for the future of the fracking industry in the U.S. "There is an estimated 5 to 6 trillion barrels of oil locked up in shale […] resources up to 15 times the size of the largest oil field in Saudi Arabia, he said. 'To date we've used as a species, depending on the source, 700 billion to a trillion in oil.'" Read the full article here.


March 2014 

Interview with Johann Aurik

In an interview with the London Business School's Business Strategy Review, A.T. Kearney Managing Partner Johann Aurik discussed the firm at length. Topics included elements of the firm's history, as well as his thoughts on Vision 2020, the firm's roadmap for the future. Read the full interview here. 


June 2013 

Vision 2020

A.T. Kearney introduced Vision 2020, with the ambition of being the industry's most admired firm, distinguished by its culture and how it works, doubling in size by 2020.


Industry recognition

Johan Aurik, the firm's managing partner and chairman of the board, featured on the cover of Consulting magazine for its annual list of "Top 25 Consultants." The headline notes, "A.T. Kearney's evolutionary change: Johan Aurik takes over a firm that's rediscovered its groove. Renewed optimism, regained confidence and a re-invigorated sense of purpose define the A.T. Kearney."


January 2012 

Defining the Brand

The firm introduced a new look to further distinguish its 86-year-old brand in the global consulting marketplace. The updated visual identity followed a yearlong initiative to clarify the firm's distinctiveness and further define its brand.

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A.T. Kearney Asia-Pacific

222 West Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: +1-312-648-0111
Fax: +1-312-223-6200


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Global Managing Partner: Johan Aurik
  • 2014 Employees: 3,500

  • Employment Contact
    Visit A.T. Kearney's careers site

  • Major Departments & Practices
    Aerospace & Defense
    Communications, Media & Technology
    Consumer Products & Retail
    Financial Institutions
    Metals & Mining
    Oil & Gas
    Private Equity
    Public Sector
    Transportation, Travel & Infrastructure
    Digital Business
    Marketing & Sales
    Mergers & Acquisitions
    Organization & Transformation
    Strategic IT

Major Office Locations

  • Chicago, IL (HQ)
  • Offices in 40 countries

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