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4.0 of 5 stars

Punching above its weight
November 2014 | Current Employee


Performs very strongly for its relatively small size. Finally back to being partner-owned after 10 years with Altran - makes a huge difference. High quality people from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds and encourages a range of perspectives. The quality of the people is excellent and probably contributes to the relatively low turnover from mid-senior levels.


Relatively small size: punching above your weight category requires a lot of work. You will not have a large support team or a McKinsey Global Institute at ADL - you'll have do your own thinking and your own slides!


Do your research! There is a wealth of published material (white papers, PRISM articles) on the site and it is surprising how few candidates investigate this in preparation for their interviews - particularly when you will meet Partners, Principals and Managers who are listed as authors.

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