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About Analysis Group, Inc.

Boston-based Analysis Group provides expertise in economics, finance, health care analytics, and strategy to top law firms, Fortune 500 companies, global health care corporations, and government agencies. Much of the firm's work is grounded in economic analysis-whether that is a quantitative assessment related to litigation, quantifying the impact of a disease on the U.S. economy, or developing a model for a client's corporate strategic planning exercise. 

To date, Analysis Group has provided support in litigation matters for attorneys at more than 500 law firms, including the 25 largest firms in the country, and has worked with Fortune 100 companies, consulting to general counsels and senior executives. The firm also has a robust health care practice. 

For law firms, the firm's consultants help with pretrial discovery, development of economic and financial models, preparation of testimony, critique of opposing experts' analyses, and provision of expert testimony. The recent economic crisis resulted in a big uptick in engagements involving analysis of complex securities and related litigation, such as derivatives and credit default swaps, as well as securitized assets at the center of the subprime housing fallout, and assisting a wide range of participants in financial markets. The firm also works on interesting and unusual cases like the "Deflategate" controversy. 

Corporate and government clients call on the firm for help with a variety of business issues, including company and asset valuations, cost-effectiveness analyses, market and competition analyses, intellectual property, and tax issues. The firm's large and growing health care practice integrates outcomes research, epidemiology, and drug safety studies, as well as litigation support, and pricing and product strategy. 

Close to-but not inside-the ivory tower

Former Arthur D. Little consultants Bruce Stangle and Michael Koehn founded Analysis Group in 1981 in Belmont, MA. The two Ph.D. economists sought to fuse academic practice with business litigation consulting by applying economic research to distill complex situations into narratives with powerful effect when introduced at trials. The firm primarily consulted on mergers and acquisitions to start; today, its consultants - working from nine offices across the United States and two internationally in Montreal and Beijing - have experience in all areas of economics as it applies to the legal and business world, including securities, health care, energy, intellectual property, antitrust, and commercial litigation and damages. 

Principled professionals

The firm adheres to four operating tenets, which give shape to a kind of business philosophy. The first is access: Analysis Group maintains close ties to specialists-top minds in academia, leaders in their respective industries, and government insiders-to ensure that clients have access to the best people and ideas. Consultants work closely with a network of such experts to offer clients quantitative analysis and hands-on experience to help overcome business and legal hurdles. The second is collaboration: The firm encourages strong relationships within consulting teams and between teams and clients, which ultimately improves communication, effectiveness, and satisfaction. The third is responsiveness: a result of being able to rapidly identify specialized experts for a case, and a flexible structure that allows teams to quickly scale up or down as needed. The final tenet is pragmatism: Analysis Group believes all strategies should focus on relevant, applicable solutions in the business or legal world. 

For each client engagement, Analysis Group's professionals are grouped into teams, which are tailored according to the needs of the project and the client. Often, these teams are supplemented by academic or industry experts from the firm's external network. 


July 2016

Analysis Group Client Uruguay Prevails in Cigarette Packaging Arbitration Dispute with Philip Morris International

A World Bank tribunal has rejected Philip Morris' challenge to Uruguay's cigarette packaging regulations, ruling that the regulations were reasonable exercises of the country's sovereign right to protect public health; Uruguay's argument before the tribunal was supported by Analysis Group Managing Principal Jeffrey Cohen. Certain changes to Uruguay's cigarette packaging regulations went into effect in 2009. Philip Morris challenged the regulations in 2010 under a bilateral investment treaty between the Government of Uruguay and the Government of Switzerland for the reciprocal promotion and protection of investments. Arbitration was conducted under the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). Mr. Cohen submitted two expert reports on behalf of Uruguay to the ICSID regarding this dispute. During hearings in 2015, Mr. Cohen testified about the economic damages models in the case. As part of its ruling, the arbitration panel also rejected Philip Morris' claim that its investment in Uruguay had been expropriated, and ordered Philip Morris to pay Uruguay's arbitration costs and fees. Read more. 

July 2016

Energy Report: Considerations Related to Trading for the RGGI States Under the EPA's Clean Power Plan

The nine states participating in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) are considering changes, some of which may aid in the emerging national context for CO2 control under the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan. A study by Analysis Group energy experts on the topic will be released today at a conference in New York City examining the opportunities and challenges of expanded CO2 trading to states outside of RGGI. The report, "RGGI and CO2 Emissions Trading Under the Clean Power Plan: Options for Trading Among Generating Units in RGGI and Other States," assesses core issues in emission-allowance trading that RGGI could consider during the current program review, and identifies principles and objectives for program design changes that the RGGI member states might incorporate given the emerging national context. This is the third RGGI-related report prepared by the Analysis Group team, led by Principal Paul Hibbard and including Senior Advisor Susan Tierney and Senior Analyst Ellery Berk. Prior Analysis Group reports have studied RGGI's first and second three-year compliance periods. Read more. 

June 2016

Analysis Group Client Daiichi Sankyo Is Awarded Over $500 Million in Arbitration

A Singapore International Arbitration Centre panel awarded Daiichi Sankyo, a Japanese pharmaceutical firm, the rupee-denominated equivalent of approximately US $525 million on April 29, 2016 in connection with an arbitration related to Daiichi Sankyo's 2008 investment in Indian generic pharmaceutical firm Ranbaxy. The damages award, which includes attorneys' fees and expenses, pre-award interest, and reimbursement of arbitration costs, relates to the former owners of Ranbaxy fraudulently concealing and misrepresenting U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Department of Justice investigations into Ranbaxy at the time of Daiichi Sankyo's investment. An Analysis Group team led by President and CEO Martha Samuelson, Managing Principal Richard Starfield, and Vice Presidents Crystal Pike and Ted Davis, supported academic affiliate Dr. Ray Ball in assessing economic damages to Daiichi Sankyo stemming from the fraudulent concealment. Read more.

May 2016

Economic Burden of Schizophrenia in the U.S. Exceeded $155 Billion in 2013, New Study Finds
A research team including Analysis Group Managing Principal Eric Wu, Vice President Annie Guérin, and Senior Economist Martin Cloutier, has completed a follow-up study to their landmark 2002 work analyzing the economic cost of schizophrenia in the U.S. "The Economic Burden of Schizophrenia in the United States in 2013," forthcoming in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, is an important update to the existing literature on the economic burden of schizophrenia, supporting previous findings that schizophrenia is associated with substantial costs. Using a methodology that was similar to the original study, the authors estimated the economic burden of schizophrenia in the U.S. at $155.7 billion in 2013 where the largest components were costs related to unemployment (38%), caregiver-related productivity loss (34%), and direct healthcare costs (24%). Read more

February 2016

Analysis Group Team Issues Report Estimating Projected Global Economic Impact Associated with the Spread of Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology

An Analysis Group team led by Managing Principal Lau Christensen, and including Vice President Greg Rafert and Manager Carletta Wong, was retained by Facebook to study the global economic impacts associated with the spread of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) technology over the next five years. Given the difficulties of predicting the economic impact associated with new innovations such as VR and AR, the Analysis Group team utilized a range of potential adoption scenarios and approaches to characterize the inherent uncertainty in any economic predictions. In particular, the team considered two approaches to measure the impact of VR/AR on GDP -- a "conservative approach" that estimated economic impact only in the form of revenues from VR/AR headset sales, and a more optimistic "comparable approach" that inferred additional economic impacts that could be realized as a result of VR/AR adoption. Read more.

November 2015

Jury Finds That Analysis Group Client Google Did Not Infringe Data Transmission Patents

A federal jury in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas found in favor of Analysis Group client Google Inc. in a patent infringement suit brought by technology licensing company SimpleAir Inc. In this case, SimpleAir alleged that Google's cloud messaging service infringed its data transmission patents and sought more than $100 million in damages for the alleged infringement. After a four-day trial, the jury found that Google did not infringe the patents in question. An Analysis Group team -- including Managing Principal T. Christopher Borek; Principal Robert Vigil; Vice Presidents John Browning, Peter Hess, Lisa Pinheiro, and Jimmy Royer; and Manager Anjali Oza -- was retained by counsel for Google to support Professor David Reibstein of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Professor Reibstein, an Analysis Group affiliate, prepared a report reviewing and assessing the conjoint survey provided by SimpleAir's opposing expert. Read more. 

October 2015

Harvard Business Review: President and CEO Martha Samuelson on Leadership and Decision Making at Analysis Group

Analysis Group President and CEO Martha Samuelson reflects on her experience at the firm and the importance of thoughtful decision making and meaningful work in an article published in Harvard Business Review. The article is part of a series of essays on leadership and management, authored by the world's top CEOs and corporate leaders. In the article, Ms. Samuelson discusses the importance of trust and respect in helping to promote a culture that fosters affiliation and cohesion. She highlights the importance of creating sustainable value across the firm with a compensation model that recognizes overall quality and contributions to activities "such as mentoring and recruiting, which of course generate revenue in the longer run." Read more.

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Analysis Group, Inc.

111 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02199
Phone: (617) 425-8000
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  • Employer Type: Private
  • President & CEO: Martha S. Samuelson
  • 2016 Employees: 700

  • Major Departments & Practices
    Antitrust & Competition
    Class Certification
    Commercial Disputes
    Energy & Environment
    Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Government & Corporate Investigations
    Health Care
    Intellectual Property
    International Arbitration
    Media, Entertainment & Communications
    Securities, Financial Products & Institutions
    Statistics & Sampling
    Strategy, Policy & Analytics
    Surveys & Experimental Studies
    Tax & Accounting
    Transaction & Governance Litigation

Major Office Locations

  • Boston, MA (HQ)
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Denver, CO
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Montreal
  • Menlo Park, CA
  • New York, NY
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Washington, DC
  • Beijing
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