Alvarez & Marsal

The Vault Review


  • "It is a true meritocracy."
  • "Very positive and open culture."
  • "Being challenged by the smartest, most practical and best friends I have."


  • "Being a small firm, it lacks some of the infrastructure and consistency that a big firm would have."
  • "Little or no training. It's a Darwinian culture. That works well for some but not for others."
  • "Few non-monetary perks."

The Buzz

  • "Best at turnarounds"
  • "Growth and opportunity abound"
  • "Cutthroat"

Survey Says


Vault Verdict: There is a strong sense that Alvarez & Marsal is a firm that is on the move-and all eyes are set on that move being upwards in terms of its size and position in the industry. Building...

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