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  • "Amazing culture; extremely strong and motivated people; a firm that shapes markets."
  • "My company invests in me and provides me with many opportunities to grow."
  • "Great people, great clients, and you get to be a part of an organization that is changing the world."


  • "Knowledge is spread out across the organization. It can take too long to find the asset with the information needed."
  • "Frequent travel."
  • "Large, global, publicly traded company administration."

The Buzz

  • "Very large firm, but well-known and respected."
  • "An 'army' of consultants with high variation in quality and ability."
  • "High name recognition but known more for IT consulting than other parts."
  • "I see Accenture as the biggest global consulting firm."

About Accenture

Accenture is a success story by any measure. The company's history has been more than 60 years in the making-from the earliest days as a pioneer in the new world of information technology in the 1950s to its position today as a Fortune Global 500 industry leader. 

The company built its reputation primarily as a technology consultant and systems integrator. By the late 1980s, Accenture began offering a new breed of business integration solutions to clients-solutions that aligned organizations' technologies, processes and people with their strategies. 

Throughout its history, Accenture has expanded its offerings and capitalized on evolving management trends and technologies to benefit its clients. The company pioneered systems integration and business integration; led the deployment of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and electronic services; and has established itself as a leader in today's global marketplace. 

Today Accenture is one of the world's leading professional services companies, with capabilities in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.  

Commitment to High Performance

At the heart of Accenture's business today is about helping clients and organizations maximize their performance and achieve their vision. Its current business is structured around five business areas: 

Accenture Strategy: Is where the company helps to shape its clients' futures… combining deep business insight with the understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models. Accenture Strategy operates at the intersection of business and technology, bringing together capabilities in business, technology, operations and function strategy to help clients envision and execute industry-specific strategies that support enterprise-wide transformation. 

Accenture Consulting: Comprises the people who deliver services through its five operating groups: Communications, Media & Technology, Financial Services, Health & Public Service, Products and Resources. They are industry experts with the insights and capabilities to help transform the world's leading companies. Accenture Consulting orchestrates and brings together the best of Accenture from across the organization, and has primary responsibility for building and sustaining long-term client relationships. 

Accenture Digital: Combines capabilities in digital marketing, analytics and mobility to help clients unleash the power of digital to transform their businesses. These professionals help clients use digital technologies to deliver more meaningful and relevant customer experiences across all channels and customer segments, as well as to create new products and business models and to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their internal operations. 

Accenture Technology: Harnesses the power of technology to drive innovation, deliver cutting-edge solutions and increase productivity. It comprises two primary areas: Technology Delivery, which includes global delivery capabilities as well as application services-spanning systems integration and application outsourcing-and Accenture's portfolio of software solutions; and Technology Innovation & Ecosystem, which includes the R&D activities and alliance relationships across the ecosystem. 

Accenture Operations: Provides business process outsourcing, infrastructure consulting, infrastructure outsourcing, security and cloud services, including the Accenture Cloud Platform. They transform, build and operate IT infrastructure and business processes on behalf of clients to help improve their productivity and performance. 

Reinventing training through Accenture Connected Learning 

Accenture invests aggressively in talent to attract, develop and retain the specialized skills needed to be relevant to its clients' and markets' changing needs. In fiscal 2015, the company invested more than $840 million in employee training and professional development and hired over 100,000 people, including thousands with deep expertise such as PhDs, data scientists, web developers, digital marketers and big data specialists. Accenture's people completed 15 million hours of training and professional development, an average of 40 hours per employee. Accenture offers more than 50,000 online courses, virtual classrooms and other key learning resources through its global portal to help employees build new skills and enhance existing skills. 

The centerpiece of this investment is Accenture Connected Learning, a blend of classroom-based training and a digital learning environment that links the company's employees to professional content and world-class experts from inside and outside Accenture. Since its introduction at the start of fiscal 2015, Accenture Connected Learning has enabled the company to develop highly specialized skills at scale and to respond to quickly changing business requirements faster than ever before. At the same time, Accenture Connected Learning enables employees - be they data scientists, visual designers, information architects, mortgage processors or any of the diverse skilled professionals within the company - to enrich their professional capabilities, develop the critical skills needed to stay market-relevant and enhance their own career opportunities. 

Driving innovation

The sheer scale of capabilities and client engagements differentiates Accenture from most other companies. Many of the company's clients are global organizations, so Accenture technologists are regularly tasked with crafting solutions and building systems that affect companies around the world-creating the infrastructure of business today. Needless to say, the variety of work on offer is almost endless, as well as innovative-both factors that the firm is keen to highlight to potential hires. 

Reporting from the frontlines

Accenture's Institute for High Performance employs 30 researchers and thought leaders across Beijing, Boston, Chicago, Delhi, London, Mumbai, Sao Paulo and Shanghai. This thought leadership think tank applies academic research to the problems facing today's businesses and organizations. Many of the published papers appear in major international newspapers, such as the Financial Times, Harvard Business Review and The New York Times, as well as magazines and journals, while others have a more limited circulation as research notes and papers in books. 

So ingrained is a culture of staying ahead of the game that Accenture even has its own research and development technology labs where it investigates new and emerging technologies, uncovering new trends and helping clients take advantage of the opportunities they offer. Made up of 200+ professionals, the technology R&D team operates from five labs in the U.S., France, India, and China, and like the Accenture Institute for High Performance, they too produce volumes of research, including the annual Accenture Technology Vision. The Labs also conduct innovative pilots using emerging technologies such as cognitive computing and the internet of things with pioneering clients. The Labs work closely with a network of more than 40 Accenture Innovation Centers around the world, helping Accenture and client leadership teams break through and discover new sources of value through innovation. 

In addition, the firm publishes the digital journal Outlook, with articles written by Accenture professionals that focus on high-performance business strategies. It also produces a newsletter called The Point, written by its global financial services executives. Each business area also contributes to Accenture's thought leadership by sharing research reports, points of views, white papers and more in the "Latest Thinking" sections across the company's website. 

Building for a better future

Accenture is helping make a sustainable impact in communities around the world. Through its Skills to Succeed initiative, the company has already equipped 1.2 million people around the world with the skills to get jobs or build businesses-and it set a new goal to equip 3 million people with the skills to get a job or start a business by 2020. It is equally committed to minimizing its environmental footprint, and has implemented actions such as water-heating systems powered by the sun to collaboration tools that reduce energy-intensive commuting options. Employees can become involved with grassroots employee eco teams that are helping implementing more eco-efficient office practices, or help clients integrate sustainable solutions into their business. 


June 2016

Celebrates #PrideAcrossBorders 

In June 2016, the company hosted a series of #PrideAcrossBorders events around the world, celebrating its pride and exploring how global organizations can empower LGBT and Ally communities around the world to break down the barriers to equality. This included a live, global webcast for employees, alumni, clients and recruits with keynote speaker Dr. Martine Rothblatt, Chairperson & Co-CEO of United Therapeutics, who shared an amazing story of perseverance, determination, and success. The #PrideAcrossBorders broadcast is an excellent illustration of how Accenture can connect the world through technology to bring family, friends, clients and advocates together. This webcast continued the discussion from the Accenture hosted panel "Being Out There - Beyond Borders," which streamed live via webcast from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland earlier in the year. These events are just one of the ways Accenture helps builds an inclusive environment for its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees, driving Accenture's 100% score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index for the ninth consecutive year in 2016. Learn more at 

May 2016 

Making a Measurable Difference

The company's commitment to corporate citizenship in the U.S. and around the world is highlighted in its recently published 2015 corporate citizenship report, "Making a Measurable Difference." 

During its last fiscal year, the company invested more than US$15 million in communities across the U.S. through cash and pro bono contributions. In addition, more than 6,200 Accenture people in the U.S. volunteered for activities including skills workshops for technical and digital job seekers. 

"Making a Measurable Difference" announced that Accenture's Skills to Succeed initiative has already equipped more than 1.2 million people around the world with the skills to get a job or build a business. It also reported the company's people and environment goals, including: hiring an additional 5,000 military veterans or spouses of veterans in the U.S. by 2020; growing its percentage of women new hires globally to at least 40 percent by 2017; reducing its carbon emissions to an average of two metric tons per employee - a more than 50 percent reduction against the company's 2007 baseline; and, by the end of fiscal 2020, expanding to 75 percent the percentage of key suppliers who disclose their targets and actions toward emission reductions. Learn more at

March 2016 

Hosts Interactive International Women's Day

Accenture's International Women's Day (IWD) celebration-the company's annual recognition of the United Nations designated event- is a vital part of our commitment to building a diverse workforce and helping clients achieve high performance. 

In 2016, the firm's theme is Being Greater Than. It's about going beyond boundaries and expectations. It's about raising our voices and our sights to advance the women, the ideas and the goals that will drive the next generation of leaders. Accenture strengthened its impact and reach by leveraging its IWD virtual environment, connecting audiences though an interactive site, which features live coverage of events, on-demand replays, a networking center, resource room and >Expo (Greater than Expo) hall, where Accenture groups showcased their initiatives. 

In addition to International Women's Day events, each year Accenture conducts IWD-related research, which examines how professional women and men around the world view work and opportunities. This year's research, titled Getting to Equal, measures the extent to which digital technologies are leveling the playing field for women at work, equipping women with better skills, opening up new opportunities and enabling women to combine work and family more easily. As part of Accenture's commitment to women in the workplace, the firm wants to grow the number of woman employees in the company to 40 percent, globally, by 2017, and ensure that both men and women are compensated fairly and equitably. 

Learn more at

February 2016

Accenture Strengthens Commitment to Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion and diversity are key to innovation and essential to business in a digital age. At Accenture, we know that our diversity makes us stronger, smarter and more innovative, which helps us better serve the needs of our clients, our people and our communities. 

Accenture takes a broad view of diversity across abilities, age, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression. The company aspires to have the most inclusive and diverse workforce. 

As demonstrated commitment to inclusion and diversity, Accenture published its U.S. workforce demographics on gender, ethnicity, persons with disabilities and veterans for the first time ever. Moving forward, Accenture intends to report annually on its progress across these areas of diversity.

To learn more visit:  

January 2016 

"People First", Forecasts Accenture Technology Vision 2016

Accenture predicts a fundamental shift in how businesses apply key innovations. Leading companies that develop a people first approach will win in today's digital economy, according to the latest global technology trends report from Accenture. As technology advancements accelerate at an unprecedented rate - dramatically disrupting the workforce - companies that equip employees, partners and consumers with new skills can fully capitalize on innovations. Those that do will have unmatched capabilities to create fresh ideas, develop cutting-edge products and services, and disrupt the status quo. Explore the interactive report at 

May 2015 

Sets Goal to Hire 5,000 U.S. Veterans by 2020

Accenture plans to hire 5,000 U.S. veterans and military spouses in the next five years, significantly adding to the more than 1,000 former members of the U.S. Armed Forces the company currently employs. The company has a number of initiatives to attract former active-duty personnel and current reservists, such as the Accenture Veteran Technology Training Program, the Accenture Military Career Coach and a dedicated military recruiting team. Find military career resources at

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