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Date: 2011


Overall Sedgwick is a great firm to work at. It has the resources and prestige to do good work and attract good clients. In my view, Sedgwick does top level work at much more competitive rates than its higher price, perhaps more prestigious, competitors. Unfortunately for the competition, "prestige" does not always mean good results. We get results, and overall, Sedgwick is a very decent place to work. In my view, Sedgwick also has been able to retain some of the top lawyers in the country in their respective practice areas. It is great to be able to consult with, and work with these attorneys as it makes for a better work product and a great learning environment.


The worst things about Sedgwick are the ambiguities about advancement within the firm, a lower pay scale, and a failure to financially reward the marketing efforts of their attorneys, partners excluded. I think a little financial incentive or billable hours offset would go a long way to increasing the profitability of the firm and the number of new clients generated.


The hiring process was very long and drawn out. It was clear that before someone could be hired approval had to come from various chains of authority. However, I appreciate the fact that they take hiring seriously.

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