Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP

The Vault Review


  • “NGE is a great place to work”
  • “A collegial spirit where everyone is working towards the same goal--great outcomes for our clients”
  • “This is a great firm with great people, dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality work product at a competitive rate”


  • “The high billable hours for below average pay”
  • “Below a certain billable hours threshold (I believe 1800 hours) an associate is no longer eligible for a bonus”
  • “With the downturn in the economy and our business, I think ‘face-time’ has become more important”

Survey Says

Vault's Verdict: NGE's motto may as well be CCC--clients, collegiality and community. Associates have the opportunity to perform substantive work for a strong client base as well as complete meaningful pro bono assignments in an atmosphere where partners...

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