• We are "As Good as It Gets" in terms of the practice of law. We are a full-service firm that has a variety of practices to choose from.
  • We try to afford each associate and summer associate the opportunity to gain experience in areas that hold the most interest to the individual. We also aim to leanly staff projects so associates can gain exposure working directly with partners on major cases and deals.


  • Summer associates are afforded the opportunity to work in any area they choose. No rotations or mandatory assigning is done. 
  • Our work assignment program allows for maximum flexibility and work is distributed according to the summer associate's departmental interests and availability. Associates are encouraged to become generalists in their field and partners work to provide a wide variety of assignments to provide a well-rounded experience. 
  • Our shadowing program allows summer associates and junior associates the opportunity to experience on-the-job training, partner mentoring and client exposure early in their careers.


  • We are less formal and less hierarchical than other firms. We work hard while recognizing and respecting people's outside interests and commitments. 
  • We seek to balance the demand for dedicated professionalism with a commitment to individual responsibilities. That balance is reflected in the standards that we require of all our attorneys and the benefits that we provide them. For a list of many of our benefits, please visit the Careers section of our website. 
  • We also encourage all associates and summer associates to get involved in various types of pro bono work and work to cater their assignments to their interests. Unlimited pro bono hours count toward year-end bonus consideration which demonstrates how important community service is to the firm. 
  • Our firm is large enough to get premier work and be considered a large firm, yet small enough to have people who genuinely care about associate development. 
  • We recognize that feedback is an essential component of an attorney's development and happiness. 
  • A variety of training and departmental information lunches are held throughout the year which are available to all attorneys and summer associates including managing a large case, basic tax issues for corporate associates, ABC's of drafting, deposition skills programs and trial skills programs. 
  • Each summer associate is assigned a partner mentor and an associate buddy. As associates, each department has a different mentoring program depending on the size of the department. Partner mentors deliver evaluations and regularly check in. Associate mentors and buddies are available for more informal mentoring relationships.


  • You will have the opportunity to grow with the Firm. People build their careers here - attorneys aren't using the Firm to build their resumes and move - this is a place to stay.
  • Kramer Levin prides itself on creating partnerships within the firm and with the law schools from which our attorneys graduate. 
  • In addition, we have alumni who have gone on to work for clients, investment banks, serve as in-house counsel and Supreme Court clerks. We understand that these opportunities are appealing and look to help our attorneys attain their goals, whether at the firm or beyond.


  • Thinking Independently Together - We realize that the combination of varied perspectives, experiences and backgrounds enhances our work environment and creates a culture of collegiality and professional growth. 
  • Individuality makes us better. Kramer Levin is committed to creating and fostering an inclusive environment where diversity can flourish. Our mission statement is to take proactive measures to build and promote mutually beneficial relationships and to operate the Firm in an inclusive, ethical and culturally sensitive manner which represents the range of human differences. Diversity, as defined by the Firm, is an inclusive concept and encompasses, without limitation, race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, nationality, age, disability and marital and parental status.


  • We have over 360 attorneys in New York and over 20 attorneys in Paris.

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