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About Hollingsworth LLP

Premier D.C. boutique Hollingsworth LLP specializes in taking on complex civil litigation for both one-time high-stakes trials and serial, ongoing cases that just never end. Clients like Novartis, DynCorp International and General Electric seek its expertise in complex litigation matters involving toxic torts, product liability, pharmaceutical, business, environmental, insurance, government investigation and regulatory matters.  

D.C. Litigation Connoisseurs

The firm was founded in 1982 by Joe G. Hollingsworth, and in a few short decades it quickly rose to become one of the top litigation boutiques in the country. Hollingsworth LLP already has several precedent-setting cases under its belt and has made the National Law Journal's "Midsize Hot List" three of the last four years. Its attorneys are consistently recognized by lists like Chambers USA, Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers, Who's Who, American Lawyer Media and Martindale-Hubbell™ Top Rated Lawyers.

Torts and Drugs

Hollingsworth LLP has special expertise in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and environmental industries. The firm successfully defended Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation in two bellwether trials in the ongoing consolidated products liability litigation in New Jersey, where plaintiffs alleged that the company's drugs for cancer therapies did not contain adequate warnings for side effects. In Arias v. DynCorp,the firm recently won dismissal in federal court of a mass tort claim involving 3,200 Ecuadorian plaintiffs for alleged crop, animal and human health damages, which was brought by some of the same groups behind the $19.2 billion Ecuadorian court judgment against Chevron.

Trial Trilogy

Trilogies aren't just for movies and books. Hollingsworth LLP played an integral role in one of the most significant products liability cases of the 21st century. The cases, known as the "Parlodel® trilogy," concerned the drug Parlodel®, which had been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration but was recalled in 1995 due to the alleged risks of the drug, which included vasoconstriction, stroke, seizures and possibly death, outweighing its target benefit, to reduce postpartum lactation. Hollingsworth attorneys approached the case primarily in pretrial hearings where they convinced the district courts to thoroughly examine the scientific validity, based on the Supreme Court Daubert precedents judging the admissibility of expert witness testimony. The courts found that the witness testimony did not hold up to the necessary scientific standards of court evidence and unanimously granted summary judgment in favor of Hollingsworth's client, setting a precedent for scientific reliability of witness testimony.

Alma Mater Scholarship

If you share founder Joe Hollingsworth's alma mater, you just may be in luck. Mr. Hollingsworth created the Joe G. Hollingsworth Scholarship Fund for Georgetown University Law Center students in 2005 to "further the development of future leaders in the area of law" and allow students who need financial assistance to pursue their education at an institution with "strong educational values." 

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Hollingsworth LLP

1350 I Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202.898.5800
Fax: 202.682.1639


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Managing Partner: Donald W. Fowler
  • Hiring Partner: Frank Leone
  • Total No. Attorneys 2014: 65

  • Employment Contact
    Frank Leone
    Hiring Partner
    Phone: (202) 898-5800

  • Base Salary
    1st year: $145,000
    Summer associate: $2,400/week

  • Summer Associate Offers
    4 out of 4 (2014)

  • Major Departments & Practices
    Complex Litigation
    Federal Claims
    Financial Institutions
    Government Contracts
    Pharmaceutical Products
    Toxic Torts and Product Liability
    White-Collar Defense 

Major Office Locations

  • Washington, DC

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