Foley Hoag LLP

The Vault Review


  • “Culture and commitment to pro bono work”
  • “Mid-level and senior associates, as well as most partners, are eager to mentor junior associates”
  • “Rather than being overly hierarchical, attorneys at Foley Hoag work in teams where all ideas and contributions matter, from the most junior associate to the most senior partner”


  • “The amount of unbillable work we are assigned”
  • “Only one pay bonus, and even that is not very common”
  • “The same things that are a problem in all of ‘Big Law’—the pressure and the times when work takes over life”

The Buzz

  • “Best in Boston”
  • “Family-friendly”
  • “Underrated”
  • “Kool-Aid drinkers”

Survey Says

Vault's Verdict: Things are good for Foley Hoag associates, who say they love the reasonable hours requirement, interesting work assignments and unflagging commitment to pro bono.


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