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Named after the DuPont Circle townhouse that it first called home, Washington, D.C.-based Bancroft PLLC is a litigation firm focusing on Supreme Court and appellate litigation and strategic counseling. The firm was founded by former Assistant Attorney General Viet D. Dinh in 2003, and today its 18 attorneys include nine U.S. Supreme Court clerkships, 18 U.S. Court of Appeals clerkships, and five Presidential appointments. Together, they have argued 83 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Small But Mighty

Bancroft PLLC has been regarded as "not the next big firm, but the next great firm." It has been ranked as a top litigation firm and boasts a roster of "super lawyers." Since its start, Bancroft has quickly earned a reputation for high-profile cases, including many in front of the Supreme Court.

Several of the Supreme Court cases had been argued by partner Paul Clement, who joined the firm while in the midst of defending the Defense of Marriage Act after it was dropped by his previous firm. At Bancroft, he celebrated his 75th notes-free oral arguments in front of the Supreme Court, an achievement reached in only 13 years. Clement boasts 49 of these arguments on behalf of the United States, including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and has been called a "wunderkind." One of the firm's appellate lawyers, Erin Murphy, has also gained high recognition after winning her first argument in front of the Supreme Court in 2013. Murphy accepted the McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission case merely a month before she was to argue it and noted that her experience as serving second chair to Paul Clement at one point was "hugely helpful."

Bancroft's high-esteemed lawyers are not just encouraged by the firm's founder Viet Dinh to take on high-stake cases, but also clerkships if they should choose to do so. Dinh regarded it as "the best year of our professional lives," not just for the experience, but for the potential of one day hiring those lawyers back.


Bancroft has also done a strong amount of work in representing teams or players from the NFL throughout the past couple of years. When the NFL Player lockout occurred in 2011, the firm assisted in representing several players during the months-long dispute over salaries, player's safety and health benefits, season length, revenue sharing and television contracts, and rookie salaries. When the Deflategate conspiracy came to light, Clement came to defend player Tom Brady during his four-game suspension, which was nullified on September 3, 2015.


While Bancroft's lawyers are known for having some of the most media-followed cases in Washington, the ones who get to see the action close-up are those who share the Bancroft office. Before the firm's recent move near the Capitol, the power duo Dinh and Clement shared a glass wall that gave off the appearance of an "exhibit at a museum or perhaps a zoo."

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Bancroft PLLC

500 New Jersey Avenue, NW, 7th Floor
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 234-0090
Fax: (202) 234-2806


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Managing Director: Viet D. Dinh
  • Total No. Attorneys 2015: 18

  • Employment Contact
    Allyson Saca
    Operations Assistant
    Phone: 202-800-7790
    Email: asaca@bancroftpllc.com

  • Major Departments & Practices
    Supreme Court, Appellate, and Complex Litigation
    Risk Management and Compliance
    Corporate Governance and Strategy

Major Office Locations

  • Washington, DC

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