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About Baker & Hostetler LLP

A Cleveland native with a largely domestic focus, BakerHostetler has involved itself in a number of cases that shaped America over the past 99 years. The firm maintains the requisite laundry list of BigCorp clients as well as a small yet respectable lobbying practice.

Hailing from the Forest City

BakerHostetler, founded in 1916 on the strength of a $1,500 investment by three lawyers, has developed into a Cleveland staple. With specialties in tax, litigation, business, intellectual property and employment law, the firm boasts a rich history. Major achievements include reorganizing Major League Baseball's American League, representing the village of Euclid, Ohio, in its landmark zoning case against Ambler Realty, and playing a pivotal role in "The Great Chicago Water Steal" case involving 13 states, the Chicago Sanitary District, and a lot of H20. 

The firm's client roster currently includes such heavyweights as Major League Baseball, IBM, General Electric, Exxon Mobil, Verizon, The New York Times, Cardinal Health, Caterpillar, Ford Motor Company, Wal-Mart, the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Foundation's HIV/AIDS Initiative, ABC, Inc., Bayer Corporation, The Progressive Corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and Trammell Crow Co.

From the New Deal to SOX

The firm has long been active in the political world with namesake Newton Baker serving as Woodrow Wilson's Secretary of War during World War I. In his absence, Baker's colleagues roped in two major media clients-the Plain Dealer Publishing Company and The E.W. Scripps Company-which remain with the firm today. A few years later, Baker attorneys represented private utility companies in their nearly 20-year fight against New Deal legislation that authorized the creation of massive public power projects. Baker lawyers later went on to advise a number of key players in the Watergate and Iran-Contra scandals.

In 2007, Baker scored an impressive Beltway coup when the firm hired former Ohio Congressman Michael Oxley, sponsor of the famed Sarbanes-Oxley Act: the Enron/Tyco/WorldCom-inspired law that mandated, among other aspects, new and increased oversight of publicly held companies' directors. Oxley had previously worked for the FBI and then as a representative in the Ohio House of Representatives before starting a 25-year career in Congress that eventually landed him a seat as the Chairman of the Financial Services Committee. As a member of the firm's government policy group in DC, Oxley (a noted free-market proponent) "works with multinational and corporate clients seeking to resolve or avert problems related to federal and/or state policy through legislative or administrative solutions."

Bankruptcy Leaders

BakerHostetler has also served as a go-to firm for bankruptcy matters. The firm not only represents debtors and creditors, but it also has served as bankruptcy trustee several times, overseeing bankruptcies for companies such as Hilton Head and RCS Financial. In addition, BakerHostetler attorneys act as SIPA Trustee and Counsel to the SIPA Trustee for the liquidation of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC (BLMIS), dealing with the aftermath of the financial collapse of Madoff's infamous Ponzi scheme. BakerHostetler attorneys, working under the direction of the SIPA Trustee's chief counsel, BakerHostetler Partner David J. Sheehan, have recovered more than 60 percent of the estimated $17.5 billion in principal lost by Madoff's defrauded customers and have returned nearly $7 billion as of May 2015.


June 2015

Health is Wealth

BakerHostetler announced the addition of a 30-lawyer healthcare, corporate, real estate and litigation team to its Atlanta office. The group of lawyers from McKenna Long & Aldridge will be joining BakerHostetler on June 1. The incoming team includes 25 attorneys from that firm's Healthcare practice, which increases BakerHostetler's national Healthcare Industry team to more than 80 attorneys. The incoming Healthcare team includes litigation, real estate, transactional and regulatory attorneys. Also joining the firm are five corporate attorneys. The team includes former senior managers with hospitals and health centers, research centers, health maintenance organizations and third-party purchasers of healthcare.

May 2015

Get Your Billions Back

BakerHostetler remains at the forefront of unprecedented international legal battles to recover money for the defrauded victims of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. In 2008, the district court appointed BakerHostetler as counsel to Irving H. Picard, Securities Investor Protection Act Trustee and a BakerHostetler partner. BakerHostetler attorneys, working under the direction of the SIPA Trustee's chief counsel BakerHostetler Partner David J. Sheehan, have recovered more than 60 percent of the estimated $17.5 billion in principal lost by Madoff's defrauded customers and have returned nearly $7 billion as of May 2015. This recovery exceeds any prior restitution effort related to Ponzi schemes both in terms of dollar value and percentage of stolen funds recovered.

March 2015

Slicing Through Red Tape

BakerHostetler is leading an industry challenge to a final rule the Bureau of Land Management issued imposing new regulatory requirements for hydraulic fracturing on federal lands. The firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Independent Petroleum Association of America and Western Energy Alliance on March 20, 2015-the same day BLM issued the new rule-in Wyoming federal district court. The industry groups argue that the new requirements duplicate regulations state agencies already enforce, require the disclosure of confidential commercial information in a manner that violates public records law and represent the product of a procedurally deficient rulemaking process. The States of Wyoming, North Dakota and Colorado have since joined to raise a lawsuit challenging the same rule, also in the District of Wyoming. The two lawsuits have been assigned to the same judge and are expected to be resolved simultaneously.

The New Steelers

BakerHostetler client Big River Steel LLC was awarded IJGlobal Americas' "North American Mining & Metals Deal of the Year" for the development of a $1.5 billion steel mill being constructed in Mississippi County, Arkansas. The project represents the largest single private investment in the state's history. Legal advice for financing and development of the mill was coordinated by a cross-practice team of BakerHostetler attorneys who advised the company regarding organization and tax structuring; financing, including senior and subordinated loans and government loans and incentives; real estate; commercial contracts; and permits. Big River Steel broke ground in July 2014, and construction is expected to be completed in 2016.

December 2014

Thinking of the Children

Texas Children's Hospital and Seattle Children's Hospital, BakerHostetler clients, won a victory for sick and needy children when a U.S. district court judge stopped a federal agency from taking action that would jeopardize resources used for their care. Both hospitals are disproportionate share hospitals that receive federal funds because more than half their patients are Medicaid-eligible. However, informal guidance from the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services-provided via a website FAQ-would have forced the hospitals to repay tens of millions of dollars of this funding because they treated Medicaid-eligible children who were covered by third-party insurance although the hospitals never billed Medicaid or received Medicaid reimbursement for treating those children. The CMS guidance included these third-party payments in calculating reimbursement for DSH overpayments. The judge found this a material change to the law requiring notice and comment under the Administrative Procedures Act and enjoined CMS from recovering the DSH payments.

May 2014

Setting New Precedent

Eliminating potential damages of $500 million against BakerHostetler client Eisenhower Medical Center, a California appellate court ruled that a putative class of patients could not sue the Southern-California hospital under California's Confidentiality of Medical Information Act over a stolen laptop containing patient information. One of the early lawsuits filed in a recent wave of litigation claiming violations of the CMIA in data breach incidents, this case provides clarification on a relatively new area of law by identifying and narrowing the type of information protected under the CMIA. The decision will likely have a lasting effect on the healthcare industry in California and in future litigation as other courts wrestle with the issue.

Mission Possible

Daniel Omar, a 14-year-old boy in war-torn South Sudan, lost both arms in a bomb explosion. After reading a Time magazine article about Daniel, Mick Ebeling, founder of Not Impossible Labs, was compelled to help. Not Impossible, a BakerHostetler client, is a company dedicated to "technology for the sake of humanity." Ebeling crowdsourced a team of innovators to crowd-solve a way to create a low-cost, 3D-printed prosthetic arm for Daniel and other area children who lost limbs. BakerHostetler created all of the agreements related to the intellectual property, documentary development and funding and promotion of the venture, dubbed "Project Daniel." Not long after the Not Impossible crew arrived with their newly developed software, dozens of laptops, spools of plastic and 3D printers, Daniel, now 16, was trying out prosthetics made using parts generated by a 3D printer. In November 2013, Daniel fed himself for the first time in two years. He ate three brownies. Upon leaving, the crew left behind all of their computers, printers and supplies after teaching the locals how to create the prostheses. By the time the team returned to their homes in the U.S., the local trainees had successfully printed and fitted another two arms, proving the project will have lasting benefit beyond the team's presence. Project Daniel was sponsored by Intel and HP, and the related promotions have swept 2014 advertising industry awards worldwide.

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Baker & Hostetler LLP

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Cleveland, OH 44114-3485
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  • Employer Type: Private
  • Chairman: R. Steven Kestner
  • Hiring Partner: Ronald S. Okada
  • Total No. Attorneys 2015: 881

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    Dee Driscole
    Attorney Recruitment & Development Manager
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    Cleveland, OH
    1st year: $130,000    
    Summer associate: $2,500/week

    Other Offices
    1st year: Varies per office ($110,000 - $160,000)

  • Summer Associate Offers
    30 out of 34 (2013)

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    Employee Benefits
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    Intellectual Property
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    Private Wealth
    Real Estate

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