Allen & Overy LLP

The Vault Review


  • Quality of work (“which is exceptionally high, even at a junior level”)
  • The firm’s reputation
  • “99.9% of people are lovely”


  • “The lack of a life outside work”
  • “Because the firm is so big, you can sometimes feel anonymous”
  • “The impression that no matter what the work is, no matter how long it will take, no matter when it arises, you just have to do it”

The Buzz

  • “The firm I would choose to work for”
  • “Bye bye, social life”

Survey Says

Vault's Verdict: Solicitors and trainees are more than satisfied with the calibre of work, less happy with the hours that work requires. Training is another high point, as is the firm's sociable and inclusive culture. Some insiders wish the pay were more generous, but others say...

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