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About Allen & Overy LLP

Allen & Overy stands as not only one of the U.K.'s most prestigious law firms-a pillar of the vaunted Magic Circle-but one of the largest firms in the world in terms of revenue. From two U.S. locations in New York and Washington, DC-and 155 U.S.-based attorneys-the firm continues to make its imprint on the American map, handling such matters as Nasdaq's audacious bid for the London Stock Exchange.

A Convenient Abdication

Founders George Allen and Thomas Overy left a firm called Roney & Co. to open shop in London in 1930 and build a commercial practice. They brought along their Roney client lists and managed to drum up enough business to stay afloat, even though Europe was still recovering from World War I and the United States was plunging into the Great Depression. It was Allen's representation of King Edward VIII during his 1936 abdication to marry American Wallis Simpson that really made the firm's name (at the time, no scandal was bigger). The firm grew in the post-WWII years, but its leaders soon made their exits: Allen retired in 1953, and Overy developed health problems that forced him to stop working in 1960. By then, the firm they'd built had become one of London's most prominent legal shops.

The dawn of the 1970s brought change and turbulence: A&O began making inroads in the then-new field of intellectual property and developing a robust banking practice. It continued to expand under the guidance of new partners-most notably Jim Thomson, who had a sterling reputation as a commercial lawyer. In 1971, Thomson was killed in a car accident; the shock devastated the firm, and some wondered how it would survive without Thomson's leadership.

From London to the World

But survive it did-A&O took advantage of the increasingly global nature of finance, working on early syndicated loan and Eurobond transactions and doing business far from its home base in London. Legend has it that one globetrotting A&O partner offered an ailing seatmate some stomach medicine on a flight from the Middle East to London-the man turned out to be a UBS senior executive who was interested in Eurobond deals, and thus UBS became an A&O client. By the mid-1990s the firm earned more revenue from its non-U.K. clients than its domestic clients.

Today A&O has offices and partners in 30 countries, and it has a network of associate firms that enable it to do business in 100 more nations. Among the sectors it serves are energy and natural resources, financial services, real estate, life sciences, insurance, hotels and leisure and communications, media and technology. And while the firm has a strong U.S.-based practice, the group border hops: A&O staffs U.S.-qualified attorneys in the U.S., the U.K., continental Europe and Asia-the better to serve multinational clients. 

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Allen & Overy LLP

1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
Phone: (212) 610-6300


  • Employer Type: Private
  • Managing Partner, Americas: David Krischer
  • Hiring Partners: Erwin Dweck, Laura Hall, Yaakov Sheinfeld (New York Hiring Partners); Charles Borden (DC Hiring Partner); Jeff Hendrickson, Matthias Baudisch (London Hiring Partners), Amit Singh, Alexander Stathopoulos, Ken Abound (Hong Kong and Singapore Hiring Partners)
  • Total No. Attorneys 2017: 2,700

  • Base Salary

    New York, NY
    1st year: $180,000
    2nd year: $190,000
    3rd year: $210,000
    4th year: $235,000
    5th year: $260,000
    6th year: $280,000
    7th year: $300,000
    8th year: $315,000
    Summer associate: $3,462/week

  • Summer Associate Offers
    27 out of 27 (2Ls) (2016)

  • Major Departments & Practices

    Anti-Bribery and Corruption • Antitrust/Competition • Asset Management • Banking and Finance • Capital Markets • Corporate and M&A • Corporate Governance and Compliance • Emerging Markets • Employment and Benefits • Environment & Regulatory Law • Financial Services Regulation and Investigations • Insurance  • Islamic Finance • Latin America • Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolutions • Projects • Public International Law • Public Law • Real Estate • Restructuring • Sanctions, International Trade & Investment Compliance • Tax • U.S. China Group • U.S. Regulatory

Major Office Locations

  • London (HQ) • New York, NY • Washington, DC Abu Dhabi • Amsterdam • Antwerp • Athens • Bangkok • Beijing • Belfast • Bratislava • Brussels • Bucharest • Budapest • Casablanca • Doha • Dubai • Düsseldorf • Frankfurt • Hamburg • Hanoi • Ho Chi Minh City • Hong Kong • Istanbul • Jakarta • Johannesburg • London • Luxembourg • Madrid • Mannheim • Milan • Moscow • Munich • Paris • Perth • Prague • Riyadh • Rome • São Paulo • Shanghai • Singapore • Sydney • Tokyo • Toronto • Warsaw • Yangon