Sometimes a name is descriptive. LowerMyBills owns and operates, a Web site that helps consumers find the best deals on services across 20 categories, including long distance and cellular phone service, Internet access, loans, credit cards, utilities, and insurance rates. It also offers online tools such as a mortgage calculator, a price comparison service, and a debt wizard. The company has relationships with more than 500 service providers. LowerMyBills earns money through sales commissions. The company is part of Experian Americas, a subsidiary of credit-reporting firm Experian.

LowerMyBills was negatively affected by the real estate crash -- as it has become increasingly difficult for homebuyers to secure loans, the site has generated fewer mortgage-related leads.

The company was founded by former CEO Matt Coffin in 1999; it was acquired by Experian in 2005 for more than $330 million. LowerMyBills operates as part of its parent company's Experian Interactive Media unit.


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Lowermybills, Inc.

12181 Bluff Creek Dr #250
Playa Vista, CA 90094-2627
Phone: 1 (310) 348-6800
Fax: 1 (310) 622-1132


  • Employer Type: Subsidiary
  • Vice President E-commerce: Michael Carey
  • Finance: Chaitalo Mehta
  • Secretary: Michael Miner

Major Office Locations

  • Playa Vista, CA

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