The Vault Review


  • Best-in-class perks and benefits
  • Positive working environment where employees feel valued
  • Company name works wonders on future résumés


  • Large company with some bureaucracy and politics
  • Era of explosive growth may well be over
  • Company faces increasing threat from younger competitors

The Bottom Line

  • Google hires up to 4,000 employees per year, but receives around 1 million applications. There's a reason for those numbers: the firm is widely regarded as one of top two or three employers anywhere in the world.

Quality Of Life

Google's employees have long been envied by workers not just in the tech field, but across the world of business. Much of that is due to the firm's employee-centric culture, and the perks that it offers-some of which have become famous in their own right. Top of that list is the company's...

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