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5.0 of 5 stars



My peers and most of my leaders are amazing
Most people are brilliant and team oriented. The firm is highly entrepreneurial.


The hours can be harsh
Our development/advancement processes have become less transparent.


To succeed at Facebook, you must be internally driven to be the very best. If you are this type of person, Blackstone is an incredibly rewarding place to work. If you are not or are not confident in your technical skills, there are probably more suitable places to begin your career.

The opportunity of a lifetime

4.0 of 5 stars



You better have comfortable shoes because veryone move at a fast pace. Things definitely break, but there aren't layers of approvals, meetings, etc.. Just go do it. All employees are Much empowered to go off and build, fix, and suggest improvements. This environment is very motivating.


Tough work/life commitment. Some cultural elements/tools don't need to necessarily change, but need to be adjusted for a larger company. Better to get these discussed in the open as Facebook evolves.


Work can take over your life if you let managment do so. You need to have your personal life in order, or no personal life, to defend other aspects of your life. Not for those that are not disciplined. You learn a lot (also due to the very open culture of sharing information), but also forces you to be concise, efficient, and direct. No games (mostly), 2 hour meetings, etc. Forces you to maximize your time and grow yourself and your role.