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Trustmark Voluntary Benefits Administration

1.0 of 5 stars



The cafeteria and gym are nice; work-life balance and half-day Fridays are good.


Managers don't know how to lead and are frequently unavailable. The company's technology is old and goes down frequently. THe culture is outdated and very top-heavy; there are numerous SVPs, VPs, Director of Whatever, Associate Director of Whatever, etc. Instead of raises, they give "perks" like the ability to park in the underground garage or the nominal titles I just mentioned.

Advice to Candidates

When I began working here, I asked my manager about the annual goals for the department and for all of TVBS. She said, "We don't have those yet." (It was May.) She told me to write my own goals. When I started tracking metrics to determine our ROI (a common practice in my field), she said that no one was interested in those numbers. When I worked to resolve tensions with an area that historically was at odds with our department, managers on both sides accelerated their conflicts. These are just a few examples of a diseased management structure.