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Policy 13104475

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On life of jerry d moser whom passed away 08/28/2018 and policy left in parents name Albert and ester moser whom are also deceased leaving ownership to soul servivor and only child Jerome moser. Contact 7208847592 email k.dawn92@gmail.com


I have contacted the prudential of America and requested that I receive annual checks for use during allowed time and number transactions yet I have not received any return information nor know the status of my fathers policy and my standings as soul beneficiary. As I have been told all estate matters are to be handled with in three months that I’m afraid someone is or has dropped the ball or failing to process my claim and secure my inheritance as soul beneficiary to my fathers estate and said policy of said cooperation the prudential of America.

Advice to Candidates

I have many candidates and possible expanding opportunities to open an office in Denver Colorado and Washington Oregon producing a central location and western location to complement the eastern locations.