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Dont Trust Anyone

2.0 of 5 stars

September 2015 | FORMER EMPLOYEE


Good location for commuting and social
Nice cafeteria
Good benefits


Cannot trust management; promises made only to be broken a few months later
Ship US jobs to foreign countries
Horrible when it comes to pay raises and bonuses
Egomaniac CEO with a Napolean complex

Advice to Candidates

Massive, company-wide layoffs (1000 plus people)
Fired people at their cubes; crying in hallways
Called on VP in from vacation under false pretense, only to fire the person when they got back to the office.
Horrible morale
Highly political and got to watch your back
Work you until you drop

It's not for everybody

3.0 of 5 stars



1. It is the Financial Services. In time they will sponsor you to get your necessary License.
2. They will train and teach you much of what you need to know to solve problems with those licenses.
3. There is some name recognition.


1. It's 100% commission. (Yeah sure there are other little pots of money you can draw upon)
2. The name. Everyone thinks you're trying to sell them Life Insurance.

Advice to Candidates

First, anyone can get a job there...they need sales people. Next, it's not for everybody. It is a fortune 100 company. There are opportunities for growth. If you were tenured, had experience and clients form else where, you could make a killing. Tough place to start out. Like many other places there is some bureaucracy.