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ISO may surprise you as a place to build a career and push insurance forward
March 2015 | Current Employee


ISO has some of the smartest people in insurance. While it's always been a center of the P&C industry, it's now looking for people with start-up energy who can help it move faster into new analytic approaches and coverage for emerging risks. It offers flex hours.


The "old ISO" can be slow moving and cautious. Like many insurance-related businesses, including carriers and brokers, a lot of people came to ISO because they're personally risk-averse. But that's changing as management pushes for growth and new talent shifts the mix. For now, most new hires are expected to work full-time in Jersey City.


The company is financially sound and committed to growth. A smart person could learn from industry stalwarts and build a great career here in modeling, data management, actuarial science or coverage product development.

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