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Telephonic RN Care Manager

1.0 of 5 stars



You work from home so you don't have to commute. They pay well for case management position.


They do not nurse with respect. They change your hours on a whim, and they are constantly surveilling you. Constant changes, which is the way of nursing, but they audit your charts based on new process, even if that was not the process at the time you documented the information. They hire saying flex time will be required. That means you work extra hours and don't get to offset it with shortened hours on other days.
Mandatory overtime and weekends, but they do not compensate you appropriately. They make it look like a good rate, but they pay the "special consideration pay" as a bonus so taxes are at a higher rate.

Advice to Candidates

If you can help it do not take the position. They will make you feel as if you will have plenty of time to get up to speed during orientation, but when you get home they expect you to know it all. I was told shadowing would be 3 days when I got home, I only had half a day.